OneSearch Updates

OneSearch is getting a brand new look!

Why are we doing this?

OneSearch was developed before the explosion in mobile device use amongst our users, and even on desktop machines it was looking quite old-fashioned. Some of the functionality was difficult to find and use. Giving OneSearch a complete make-over in terms of how it looks, particularly on mobile devices, makes it much more pleasant and efficient to use.

What the search box will look like

What does it mean for me?

All the content with which you are familiar will still be available. There is a single search box, with drop-down choices for 'Books and more', Articles and more' and 'Everything'. Your eShelf will still be there, but the folder structure on which that is currently designed has been replaced with a more intuitive tagging structure. There is a new 'auto-complete' feature, which gives you suggestions for your search as you type. Options for saving records in a variety of ways are clearly presented and quick to use. All-in-all we think that you will be pleased with the changes in design.

When will this happen?

We will make the change on Tuesday 29th August 2017. We will also provide a link back to the old interface for a period of time. If you have any concerns about this please contact us.

Is there anything I need to do?

You may find that once we have moved to the new interface then signing in to OneSearch may not work the first time you try. If this is the case then please delete the cookies on your browser and try again.