Observation in a Box

Building on a number of links between drawing, science and the environment ‘Observation in a Box’ will promote skills in looking and recording, critical judgement, taxonomy and, the ability to use identification keys.


‘Observation in a Box’ will contain a range of drawing tools and instruments, field identification guides and survey equipment, including magnifying lenses, portable microscopes and telescopes. It will also contain introductory informative videos and a range of suggested tasks and ideas for developing art and science research projects. It will encourage a personal approach and individual investment. For the young scientist it will present tools with which to observe the world and the ability to recognise patterns and relationships. For the young artist it will develop knowledge of materials and technologies and historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures.

Learning Outcomes
Gain understanding of the application of drawing beyond the art classroom.
Gain understanding of using field identification keys and survey techniques.
Develop an understanding of a particular object of study through the activity of observation and drawing.
Gain knowledge, skills and understanding of methods of using observation and drawing to see a subject more clearly.

Suggested Age Groups
Key Stage 3.
AS / A-Level.
EPQ Projects.

The box can be adapted to other age groups by varying the technical demands of the drawing and subject identification, the complexity of object of study and the length of time spent on these activities.

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