Taster Day

The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) Taster Day is an opportunity for Year 12's thinking about studying an Arts based subject to come on to campus and try out the subjects they are considering.

For LICA subjects, this includes:

  • 'Drawing Beyond the Visual' (Art) - A practical session that involves students in different approaches to drawing which are not exclusively visual. Students will use magnification, draw through partial sight and while blindfolded, draw through touch, and attempt to translate entirely non visual senses e.g. sound into drawing.
  • 'Empathy Design' (Design) - An observational design technique used to identify people's unmet needs. In this practical design workshop, students will look at the history of empathy design and create their own empathy design tool to understand the needs of people with vision impairments and disabilities.
  • 'Schools on Film' (Film) - A Film studies taster session exploring how schools are portrayed in Film.
  • 'Acting/Not Acting from 'Experimental' Theatre to The Only Way is Essex (Theatre) - This workshop will investigate some of the questions raised by this phenomenon and through practical exercises explore various styles and techniques for creating 'personas' and for 'acting yourself'.

If you are interested in attending this year's FASS Faculty Taster Day on Friday 30th June 2017 please get in touch to find out more, contact Jane Purcell.