Encounters was a Creative Enterprise project run by final year Theatre students. Their goal was to develop a one day micro festival in Lancaster.

A group of Theatre students used the Creative Enterprise module to develop a one day micro festival of public interventions which took place within Lancaster city centre, outdoors as well as within the premises of partner businesses.

The project aimed to animate various city centre locations with performance pieces that utilised the concepts of generosity, gift giving, conversations and exchanges as tools for exploring social change and alternative economies.

Prior to the festival one of the students, Leo Burtin said:

“It is our hope that Encounters will create an accessible, friendly and playful environment within which conversations might take place between artists, passers-by, and the partners involved in making the project happen around the various topics the performance works may explore”

The enterprising students worked several partners including Lancaster Arts Partnership, shops and retailers in Lancaster in order to curate the festival.  The festival featured established and emerging artists , funding for the festival was raised through several sources including the Faculty of Arts and Social Science’s  Enterprise Centre, the O2 Think Big fund and Talk with LEAP.

Highlights from the festival can be seen by following this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfxW5Osi0SA&feature=youtu.be