Work Placement: Dani Morgan-Dodd

Work Placement organisation: The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster

A work placement opportunity at The Dukes Theatre as a Marketing Assistant not only reconfigured my career possibilities, but gained me a paid position three days after the placement concluded. 
The position offered me two full days a week in the marketing office. I was trained to use marketing tools and programmes to efficiently produce marketing materials; required for visiting theatre companies and upcoming events. Establishing local connections with the city and surrounding boroughs was also key to make our marketing effective. I learnt the importance of building and maintaining sustainable relationships with new and faithful customers, therefore my role extended to producing weekly newsletters. In addition to this, in house presentations and upkeep of company website also featured in my role, to keep potential customers up to date with our events/shows.
The role required a person to work independently for large parts of the day, whilst consulting the rest of the team on ideas and produced materials. Such work ethics apply to many careers today, thus has prepared me for future professional employment.
The technical skills and insight within a professional marketing department, have been invaluable and could not have been achieved without Lancaster University's work placement opportunities. The experience has enabled me to promote myself to future employers, and how to manage, develop and market my own theatre business.