Caleb Adamu

Degree: MSc International Innovation (Design)

Current MSc International Innovation (Design) student Caleb Adamu from Ghanas gives his views on the course and life at Lancaster and why he feels "I’m on the best course in the university."

Why did you apply for the MSc International Innovation?

The course structure of the MSc International Innovation (Design) program presents the opportunity for me to acquire the knowledge and experiences that are relevant to my self-actualization. The general awareness to be gained of the practical applications of design in business to solve contemporary societal or institutional problems, as evident in the program’s core modules, encapsulates my motive for further studies.

Company Project/s you are working on and what you’ve done so far

The projects are just kick starting and I will be working with EBusiness UK. I am excited about the prospect of engaging in the development of an innovative product relevant to a global audience. I am exploring current trends in the B2C environment in order tackle the project head-on after the initial company interactions.

Had you worked with a business before starting the course?

Yes. I worked with a print house as a pre-press assistant. Understanding the specific needs of the client and effectively applying them to designs and final outputs, was a strong basis for the success of most projects.

Can you describe what it’s like studying at Lancaster University ?

The experience is one that is exciting and challenging at the same time. Being provided with the best there is in infrastructure and faculty, there is always a challenge to go beyond yourself and prove your mettle. With a positive outlook and the support of well-meaning staff in every aspect of study/life in Lancaster University, there is a strong awareness that I am on the right path to achieving huge successes in my chosen field.

What do you think of the course so far?

It is uniquely tailored to provide a combination of modules that work well for me. I have learned so much I can apply in the real world of business and design. Interactions with other students about my course, reveals several elements that make me stand out. I feel I’m on the best course in the university.

Would you recommend the course to other students? If so why?

Yes! Absolutely! Great staff, Great exposure, Great connections, Great content, Great opportunities… It is the whole package.

What is the best thing about being on the MSc International Innovation so far?

Apart from the unique combination of modules, the multicultural and multidisciplinary environment the course provides; the opportunity presented to study the Chinese language (Mandarin) and business culture and apply it over a period of six (6) months, has given me the confidence in the course as one that would assist me to gain knowledge that helps address global issues.

What career do you hope to pursue at the end of the course and how do you think the course will help you achieve that?

My long-term goal is to establish a marketing and brand management company to cater to clients all over Africa and subsequently the world at large. This gave the need to engage myself in a course that helps students to understand and handle complex real-world design and business projects. MSc International Innovation does just that by providing the required exposure and knowledge base to effectively combine my skills in design and print production with the implementation of design strategy in the design process. The leadership skills gained from using a more focused and guided approach in designing ‘outcomes’ will come as an added advantage.