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Elaine supervises PhD programmes of research in the field of feminism, theatre and performance.

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I am interested in working with students in any area of cinema, film studies, screen studies or visual culture, but have particular interests in:
Hollywood cinema, British cinema, Transnational cinema, Early cinema, Film, politics and class, cinema technology, Visual culture and climate change, cycling and cycling cultures.

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I am interested in proposals from potential doctoral students in the broad areas of urban public space (e.g., the process of creating public spaces, the uses of public spaces), sustainable urban environments, urban design and behaviour and wellbeing.

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Design, Design Management, Design Policy, Urban Sustainability, Design and Wellbeing, Design and Health, Design Against Crime, Socially Responsible Design, Design and Manufacture

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Speculative Design, Critical Design, Design Fiction, Design Futures, Design as Rhetoric, Game Design

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Open Innovation and Mass Creativity User Centred and User-Led Design Interactive TV Technology and Society Design Methodology Design Theory and Philosophy

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Gerry currently supervises three practice based PhD students specialising in drawing: Sarah Casey developing a practice based methodology integrating procedures from medicine and conservation sciences into a drawing practice investigating notions of delicacy and preservation. Neil Hodgson using drawing to document and transcribe improvised and ad-hoc structures (sheds, lock-ups, pigeon coops) found in marginal environments at, or beyond, the 'pale' of cities. Osman Ahmed who, using drawing, interviews and fieldwork, seeks to catalogue and communicate experiences of fear, flight and displacement among Iraqi Kurds. These research students, along with others in the faculty and beyond, form the basis of a research group, provisionally titled Drawing's Mobility. All are working at drawing's cutting edge asking questions of 'where can drawing go?' and, to quote Sarah Casey, 'what can drawing do?'

PhD enquires and proposal are welcome, particularly those on drawing and the environment, socially engaged practice, notebook practices and drawing applied in interdisciplinary environments.

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Urban Design, Visualisation, Infrastructure, Post-industrial Landscapes, Prototyping

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I am interested in proposals from potential PhD students on the following topics: art and technology; new media art; computer art; digital culture; continental philosophy and technology; the effects of new media

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Design Management; Design Strategy; New Product Development; Designing against Crime

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Modes of Address in Pictorial Art: A multi-disciplinary project in collaboration with the Centre for Visual Cognition, Department of Psychology, University of Southampton. The project uses eye-tracking techniques and practice-based fine art research to investigate mechanisms of address in pictorial art and test prominent theories of art criticism.

Other research interests include: Image and tableau; the relationship between painting and digital imaging;absorption and theatricality in pictorial art and art's temporality. 

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Gerry would be happy to supervise postgraduate students interested in any issues related to contemporary theatre, performance and television drama, particularly focused around aesthetics and politics, including feminism, queer and issues relating to racism. She has in the past supervised to successful completion PhD students on experimental site specific and multi-media performance, circus, and applied theatre practice, considering issues of citizenship and education, affect, audience participation and democracy, narrative and masculinity. These include PhDs with practice as research elements.

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I welcome applications for postgraduate study in any of the following broad areas: Contemporary European/British/American drama, theatre and performance; Postdramatic theatre and performance; Theories, histories and contemporary practices of acting and performing; New writing and new dramaturgies; Intermedial practices in theatre; Text and Performance; Feminist theatre and performance; The work of Elfriede Jelinek; Theatre translation theory and practice.

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Computational musicology, music information retrieval, intelligent music software systems, formal music theory, Schenkerian analysis

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American Film (especially in the history and theory of Hollywood cinema)

African American Culture and History (especially the relationship between popular culture and race)

Censorship and Mass Media

European Exiles and Hollywood

American Popular Culture/ Theories of Popular Culture

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I'm interested in supervising doctoral students in the following areas: art and health; art and landscape; contemporary fine art practice with either a discipline or interdisciplinary focus; contemporary theoretical and critical debates in art; landscape and environment.

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Film theory

Film and philosophy

Hollywood cinema

Romantic comedy

French film

Politics and film

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Design for Sustainability; Meaning, Aesthetics and Design; Design-based Research; Design and the Spiritual Dimension

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Sustainability in the Making: Designing a Renewed Ecology for Crafts in the Yangtze River Delta, China

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