Hyunwook Hwangbo

Name: Hyunwook Hwangbo
Degree: PhD Design
Website: http://www.lab4designingworld.com 

Why did you choose your course at Lancaster?

The design course at LICA will be unique and inspirational for all prospective design researchers. The course is found interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in collaboration with multiple departments across Lancaster university, ranging from arts and humanities to social science studies or science.

Since my research areas cover across design, innovation, technology and R&D management and international business management and organisation studies, the choice of design at Lancaster university is inevitable for myself to establish my own research area and to become an innovative design researcher. The unique interdisciplinary and innovative research domain is believed to play a significant role for future design researchers who seek their own research areas under design epistemology and philosophy. Like me myself, choosing LICA and Lancaster university is believed to offer great opportunities for all those future researchers.

What was the best part of your course?

The course provides a broad range of multi-disciplines and inspirations with dedicated supervisors, tutorials, seminars and workshops etc. Research students can independently join all those academic activities without any barriers between those knowledge donors, and can come up with the best research ideas through diverse peer reviews and collaborations.

Especially, having supervisors with broad understandings of multi-disciplines are the best part of the course. Research students who choose LICA will enjoy not only design subject; but they will expand their own knowledge and prospects into new research areas by themselves.

How did your degree help with the work you do now/what are you hoping to do when you finish university

Since the subject, design is characterised as interdisciplinary one I could have multiple chances to enjoy a wide range of scholars and researchers who also seek new research opportunities, internationally during my PhD.

I studied and researched about design, innovation and technology management and organisation for my doctoral research project. Owning to my research areas I could have chances to present and publish my research outcomes at high-quality international conferences every year in Sweden, France, Italy and Germany, which are all related to design, innovation and technology management. This was possible thanks to my supervisors’ dedicated tutorials and supports. Also, all those participants are financially helped by the university and institution. This is not only about development of doctoral research project but it is also thought to be a prospect pathway. I am currently hoping to find new research opportunity on a basis of my doctoral research foundation across the world. I believe that my experience at LICA and Lancaster university will contribute to development of my future research profile.

What is ‘Lancaster Life’ like?

Lancaster is great city for students. The city is one of the safest city across the UK and the campus where we have studied too offer great academic ambience for students. Every season, the city and university offer not only a variety of chances for us to fulfil our academic needs but also a wide range of attraction, such as traditional English pubs, cosy café, decent restaurants serving English cuisines and beautiful natural scenery of Lancaster too.

Any advice for the next generation of LICA students?

LICA and Lancaster university will give you all kinds of opportunities. I hope all next generation of LICA students only bring their passion and eagerness to become Lancastrians. Then you will find your new future in Lancaster.