Khairun Nisa Mustaffa

Degree: PhD Design
Twitter: @nysamustaffa

Why did you choose your course at Lancaster?

Lancaster University is top ten universities in the UK and top 200 universities in the world. Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts known as LICA is the best place for me to acquire skills and to gain latest knowledge in the field with experience in the world of work. Living in the UK while studying can give added cross-cultural perspective benefits which can be valuable in today’s global economy.

What was the best part of your course?

LICA offers an exciting course that enables to explore more about contemporary art and design disciplines and provide high quality educational experience in different discipline areas such as Art, Design, Film and Theatre. The course recognises creativity through innovative research and development within the contemporary art field and design based practise such as graphic design, fine art, product design, film design and many more. The seminars, individual tutorial from supervisor/lecturer, visiting artists/designers and Research Training Program enabling students to communicate, to gain knowledge and articulate a greater understanding of professional practice in the field. The supervisors are really supportive and helpful with my PhD thesis writing completions.

How did your degree help with the work you do now/what are you hoping to do when you finish university

I want to stay in academia because it can be challenging to make the transition from student to member of staff. I am hoping that I can set off on something new in my country with all experiences I had while studying in Lancaster University.

What is ‘Lancaster Life’ like?

Living in Lancaster is a fantastic way to experience British culture in the North West. It is the safest and quietest town in the UK. Lancaster University surrounded by countryside and historic locations.

Any advice for the next generation of LICA students?

LICA is the perfect place to study in exploring links between theory and practice in various disciplines such as Art, Design, Film and Theatre. LICA offers an excellent way to get student think more creatively and innovatively.