Making meaning in the arts


Insight is a creative research centre at Lancaster University. Our disciplinary bases are Fine Art, Theatre, Film, Dance and Sound, and our practical and theoretical research draws upon expertise in these areas, extending across and beyond them to engage with arts audiences of all kinds.

Working with a range of organisations, we take critical and cross-disciplinary approaches to creative research questions. Our focus on ‘making meaning’ reflects the importance of practice in our work, and highlights our interest in the ways in which the arts take on significance and value in society.

Featured: Being Mobile

Being Mobile is a series of workshops exploring new directions in mobilities research and art practice, developing relationships between Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts and mobilities.lab, and introducing new researchers to our work. 

Featured: Modes of Address in Pictorial Art

Modes of Address in Pictorial Art is a cross-disciplinary research collaboration led by Professor Beth Harland, Lancaster University, with Professor Nick Donnelly and Professor Simon Liversedge and a team of visual cognition scientists at the University of Southampton.

Featured: Transforming Musicology

Transforming Musicology is a large-scale collaborative project funded under the AHRC Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities scheme.