Damyana Kolarova

Degree: BSc (Hons) Marketing & Design
Currently: Undertaking MSc International Innovation, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)

Why did you choose LICA?

What drew me towards the course I held (BSc Marketing and Design) was the opportunity to gain a degree from one of the top research-led universities in the UK. The interdisciplinary structure of most of the LICA programmes is correspondent with the challenges posed by the current graduate job market. In terms of design at LICA, being taught by active researchers with various backgrounds and areas of interests means widening students’ perspectives on possible future career paths.

What was the best part of your course?

I would say that what has made my course unique is the practical and collaborative nature of most of the undertaken projects. Being a good team player and learning how to be flexible is certainly an expected result from undertaking such a challenging course. Moreover, the “best of both worlds” cliché stands specifically true to the Marketing and Design programme, as it really gives students the competitive advantage of having expertise in both areas and therefore being more attractive to graduate recruiters. 

How did your degree help with the work you do now?

As of fall 2015, I will be undertaking the MSc International Innovation at Lancaster University, which is further proof of how much I enjoyed my time spent here, at LICA, during my undergraduate studies. It is a multidisciplinary course with different pathways and I will be doing Design. Upon application, I was able to present a portfolio of work as a result of my undergraduate degree and received full and immediate support from my academic advisors and module tutors. There is no shortage of opportunities to get feedback and help, whether it is for pursuing further studies or a graduate job. 

What’s ‘Lancaster Life’ like?

Lancaster is vibrant and welcoming. Choosing to come to Lancaster, one is guaranteed a unique experience, given the college system and superb campus facilities.

Any advice for the next generation of LICA students?

Never lose your natural sense of curiosity and be open towards new experiences, people and opportunities coming your way, because there will be plenty! Also, be flexible and approachable - keep in mind that you’re meeting people with different backgrounds and stories, so it will pay off not to stick to your comfort zone and challenge yourself to find new perspectives.