Danielle Ash

Degree: BA (Hons) Fine Art
Currently works: Visual Arts Technician at a specialist Arts College and Young Associate at Curious Minds, lead agency for cultural education in the North West of England

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/danielleash1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanielleKayAsh

Why did you choose LICA?

LICA offered me the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the context in which I wanted to work. The well balanced theory aspect of the course meant that I could learn the history of diverse arts disciplines from industry experts and visiting artists, alongside creating well-informed work as a developing arts practitioner.  

What was the best part of your course?

The highlight of my course was when I collaborated with LICA students to create an innovative exhibition of work with the theme ‘Sense and Memory’. This project aimed to challenge viewers’ preconceptions of art. With the support of my peers, I encouraged the relationship between Lancaster University students and Galloway’s Society for the Blind, Morecambe. We aimed to assist the blind and visually impaired to engage with the arts in a way that was more meaningful than the traditional visual art world. 

How did your degree help with the work you do now?

The flexibility of my degree meant that I could take advantage of opportunities at Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University, the professional arts organisation on campus. My involvement with Lancaster Arts during this time resulted with me working there in a full time Co-ordinator role once I graduated in 2015. I briefly worked as LICA’s Departmental Assistant before representing Curious Minds, Preston, as a Young Associate. My degree has helped me illuminate the importance of creative subjects and pass on the knowledge I have learnt at Lancaster University as the newly appointed Visual Arts Technician at Central Lancaster High School. 

What's 'Lancaster Life' like?

Monthly multi-disciplinary arts events organised by Lancaster Arts City is just one aspect of what makes Lancaster a hub of creative activity. You can also become a member of university societies. I regularly visited places in the surrounding area for hockey matches as a member of the Lancaster University Women’s Hockey Club. The friend’s that you make at Lancaster will really shape you as a person and I have stayed in touch with people who I would have never met were it not for coming to Lancaster University.  

Any advice for the next generation of LICA students?

Take risks, work hard but also enjoy your time as a LICA student! Don’t be that person who has regrets when they put on their graduation gown after what will feel like a few weeks at University, only to realise that they didn’t take advantage of every opportunity LICA had to offer them.