Jenny Watts

Degree: BA (Hons) Fine Art
Currently works: Developing interests in Media, Publishing and Creative Industries

Why did you choose LICA?

LICA was an institution which seemed vibrant and fast paced with what they were involved in and what they provided to students.  The fact that the courses within the institution were inter-disciplinary attracted me to the University.  I believe that within the arts it is essential to study and become knowledgeable about all aspects of the arts whether that be the history of dance, fine art or film as this knowledge can hold a big impact on the work which the student produces.  

What was the best part of your course?

In my opinion the best part of my course was the final degree show.  I enjoyed the organisational aspect as well as the creation of final work for the show.  I learnt a huge amount of business skills throughout my final year simply from contacting companies and fundraising events to raise enough money to put on the show.  The degree created an intense amount of teamwork from myself and fellow students which resulted in an immense sense of satisfaction and pride at the end result. 

How did your degree help with the work you do now?

I am currently in the process of formulating an artist’s proposal to send to various galleries around the UK.  This proposal consists of a detailed explanation of my final work for the degree show including photographs and statements from fellow students and members of the public who saw the work.  The degree taught me to not be afraid of putting myself out there and the fact that you have to work hard at things to achieve the desired result.  The Fine Art degree at Lancaster enabled me to network within the arts world with a variety of well-known artists and professional contacts who are currently working in the world I see myself involved in a few years’ time.

What’s ‘Lancaster Life’ like?

The ‘Lancaster life’ is probably similar to the life at any other university: vibrant, fun, sociable etc.  However, the main point about the life at Lancaster has to be the sense of cohesion and care for everybody around you.  The campus environment is a relatively small one and enables you to get to know a large amount of different students studying a whole range of degrees.  It is the sort of place where you can be walking down the street and say hello to 3 or more people along the way.  

Any advice for the next generation of LICA students?

My only advice for the next generation of LICA students would be to fully enjoy the experience and grasp absolutely every possible opportunity thrown at you.  Spend all of your time in the art studios and appreciate the facilities that the university has provided for you.  Contact and network with as many people as you can whilst you are involved with the LICA department and most of all do not lose contact when you leave.