Josh Pearce

Degree: Film MA By Research/BA Hons – Film & Cultural Studies
Currently works: Marketing & Communications – Arts Sector

Why did you choose LICA?

The fantastic and unique thing about LICA is that it not only has phenomenal art-based departments in which to study by day, but also a diverse range of ground-breaking art programmes to enjoy at night. To have both made readily available to you across a rich palette is truly special and unique.

What was the best part of your course?

The availability of my tutors was great and they were also around to help, support or inspire me in my studies. I really felt each individual on the course was offered unique one-to-one guidance in order to flourish and develop.

I also loved the study-abroad opportunities – the option to leave the UK behind and complete an optional year in a different location to help further grow personally and professionally was a big reason I chose LICA to study.

How did your degree help with the work you do now?

My degree not only provided me with a comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical aspects, historic relevance and practical context of Film, it also provided me with the professional skills vital in today’s job market.

What’s ‘Lancaster Life’ like?

Lancaster life is really unique. There is a rich and vibrant student culture at Lancaster in which people of all backgrounds can interact over a shared love of their hobbies, interests and ideals.

Any advice for the next generation of LICA students?

Take the leap and immerse yourself in LICA as much as possible. There is so much going on at LICA all the time that there is always something new and exciting happening which will open your eyes and make you think about things in fresh ways. There’s nothing quite like it.