Becci Armorgie

Degree: BSc (Hons) Marketing & Design

Why did you choose LICA?

The Design course seemed to offer more than the Design courses at other Universities - with a more hands-on approach to Design that shows how it could be applied to the real world, rather than just being confined to the classroom. I also fell in love with the LICA building on my first visit day!

What has been the best part of your course so far?

The design projects that we have done over the years have involved real-life clients, so we have had to produce design solutions that would work in the real-world. These have been really fun and interesting to work on, as they have been flexible and have given us a great degree of independence, enabling us to use the design techniques that we thought would be the most appropriate.
It is also a very interactive course, with creative and original ways of teaching, which I have really enjoyed.

What do you do outside of your degree, for instance, are you involved in any societies or work part time?

I am captain and social secretary for my college netball team, so I coach the team and organise the socials. I umpire netball matches, am secretary for the Inter-College Netball League, and I like to run. I’m also a Student Ambassador for the University, so I sometimes tour students round the campus on visit days.

What’s ‘Lancaster Life’ like?

Amazing! The colleges make you feel part of a little community and mean that you meet so many people – you walk down the spine through campus and will see at least 5 people that you know!! There is so much to do and so many people on campus that I am constantly busy – could never get bored here, and I love it.

Any advice for potential LICA applicants?

Just be creative, open-minded and ready to get stuck in to your projects!