What Will You Study

The programme is taught by world-leading staff and it integrates history, theory and intellectual content with creative design practice. This provides opportunities for you to develop a range of design skills including drawing, prototyping and communication. Studio based design modules explore design interactions through a series of practical projects and live briefs enable you to apply design and creative thinking to address a range of real world issues. Emphasis is placed on the development of your problem-finding as well as problem solving abilities.

In your first year, you will gain a broad knowledge of history and theory in design and the arts, coupled with group practical exercises. In the second year, you will gain first-hand practical experience via themed design interaction studios, supplemented with courses in design thinking, design interactions theory, design management, and critical reflection. This leads on to your third year, where you will conduct a group-based consultancy project, an individual dissertation (which can be either theoretical or practical) and themed design interaction studios supplemented by theoretical courses in advanced design interactions, innovation and design.

Throughout the course you will also have the opportunity to engage with external organisations and your learning experience will be enhanced by the inclusion of guest speakers from experts in specialist fields in design and related disciplines.