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We hope that this site will be useful both to teachers and students of A-Level English Language. We intend to keep constantly modifying and updating it. Please let us know what you think of the site. We will do our best to respond to your comments.

A-level Teachers

We are keen to build links with schools and colleges. If you would like someone from the department to give a talk to your students, please email Elena Semino.

A-Level Students

If you are interested in studying for a degree in English Language or English Language and another subject (English Literature, French, German, Linguistics etc.) visit our prospective students' page.

Questions and Answers

Lecturer Lecturing

Interesting questions on language and linguistics, answered by staff from the Department of Linguistics and English Language here at Lancaster University.

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A-Level English Language Resources on the Web

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A selection of sites and resources that are of use to A Level English Language students and teachers.

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Book Guide to English Language and Linguistics

A Book

Useful books for A-Level English Language students.

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