The NEAB Guide to English Language books

The following guide is reproduced by kind permission of the Northern Examination and Assesment Board and is an extract from their English Language A-level reading list. They describe it as "a list of books that have proved most popular with teachers and best known by students".

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This list is in three sections:

  1. Books For Students To Work From
  2. Books For Students To Read
  3. Books Containing Materials That Can Be Presented Directly To Students

Books For Students To Work From

  • The Language Awareness Project J. Keen Framework Press 1987 ISBN 1850080763
  • Language and Gender A. Goddard Framework Press 1987; Pack 1 - ISBN 185008081X & Pack 2 - ISBN 1850080860
  • A-Level English Language Starter Pack A. Goddard, J. Keen and J. Shuttleworth, Framework Press 1992 ISBN 1850080283

Photocopiable, activity based resources

  • Your Own Words J. Wainwright and J. Hutton Nelson 1992 - Gives opportunities to practise stylistic analysis and commentary in relation to both reading and writing.
  • Researching Language A. Goddard Framework Press 1993 ISBN 1850080283

Advice on projects and investigation

  • Something To Do With Language (1990)
  • Some More Things To Do With Language (1993) Volume 2 - Compiled by D. Hurry and D. Reah. Available from PAVIC Publications c/o Sheffield Hallam University, Collegiate Crescent Campus, Sheffield S10 2BP
  • Varieties of English D. Freeborn, Langford and French. MacMillan 1993 (2nd edition.) ISBN 0333589173 Pb & ISBN 0333589165 HC
  • Explorations in Language A.J. Tinkel C.U.P. 1988 ISBN 0521336066
  • Language in the National Curriculum: Materials for Professional Development - INSET materials devised for teachers of pupils 5 to 16, but which are in themselves an introductory course in linguistics applied to reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Considering Prose A. Mayne and J. Shuttleworth Hodder 1984

Books For Students To Read

  • A Reference Guide to AS/A Level English G.R. and B Keith Longman 1991 - Written for students, explaining concepts and terminology (both linguistic and literary).
  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language D.Crystal - C.U.P. 1988 ISBN 0521424437 - Everybody's favourite; it remains invaluable.
  • The English Language D.Crystal Penguin 1990 ISBN 0140135324 - Good introduction for students.
  • The Study of Language. An Introduction. G. Yule C.U.P. 1985
  • An Introduction to Language and Society M. Montgomery Methuen 1986 ISBN 0415040027
  • Sociolinguistics: an introduction to language and society. - 3rd ed. P. Trudgill Penguin, 1995 ISBN 014023926X
  • You Just Don't Understand D. Tannen Virago 1992
  • Early Language P.A. and J.G. de Villiers Fontana 1979
  • Listen to your Child D. Crystal ISBN 0140110151 - A good introduction for students.
  • Language Change: Progress or Decay? J. Aitchison C.U.P. 1991 (2nd edition) ISBN 0521422833
  • The Story of English R. McCrum et al BBC 1992 - OUT OF PRINT
  • English Language, the Mother Tongue B. Bryson Penguin 1991 ISBN 014014305X
  • Rediscover Grammar D. Crystal Longman 1988

Books Containing Materials That Can Be Presented Directly To Students

  • An Introduction to Language V. Fromkin, R. Rodman Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1988 (4th edition) - American perspective. Lots of lively examples.
  • Language and Social Networks L. Milroy RKP 1987
  • Authority in Language J. and L. Milroy RKP 1989 2nd edition ISBN0415065755
  • Language and Power N. Fairclough Longman 1989
  • Women, Men and Language J. Coates Longman 1986
  • Language, the Loaded Weapon D. Bolinger Longman 1980
  • The Articulate Mammal: an introduction to psycholinguistics. - 3rd ed. Jean Aitchison. London : Routledge 1992 ISBN: 0415083958
  • Language Acquisition P. Fletcher, M. Garman C.UP. 1985 ISBN 0521277809
  • Children's Writing and Reading K. Perera Blackwell 1984
  • A History of the English Language A. C. Baugh and T. Cable RKP l 978 3rd edition ISBN 0415093791
  • A History of English B.Strang Methuen 1970
  • Orality and Literacy W.J. Ong Methuen 1979 ISBN 0415027969
  • Accent, Dialect and the School P.Trudgill Arnold 1975
  • Metaphors we Live By G. Lakoff and M. Johnson University of Chicago Press 1980 ISBN 0226468011
  • How Conversation Works Wardhaugh, R. Blackwell 1985
  • Style in Fiction G.N. Leech. and M.H. Short Longman 1984
  • Seeing Through Language R.Carter and W. Nash Blackwell 1990
  • Investigating English Style D. Crystal and D. Davy Longman 1969