The Literacy Research Discussion Group (LRDG) are delighted to welcome Candice Satchwell, Uclan, who will talk about "Stories to connect: using phygital artefacts to tell young people’s stories in the community".


Abstract: Stories to Connect is an AHRC-funded project aiming to collect and tell stories from ‘disadvantaged’ children and young people. We have worked in a participatory paradigm to help young people collect stories from one another, and then to re-work the stories into fictionalised assemblages to reflect the themes emerging from the research. The stories will be told through phygital (physical-digital) artefacts co-designed with the young people and placed in community locations. My presentation considers the different literacies involved in both collecting and re-telling these stories, and the potential for ‘connecting’ people – in both educational and community settings – through digital means.

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