The FORGE is pleased to announce our upcoming event welcoming Prof Tim Grant (Aston) talking about 'Taking language analysis to Court – How linguistic investigative advice, language evidence, and expert opinion are used in the UK justice system'.


In this talk Tim Grant will examine the different roles through which language analysis can be used to improve the delivery of justice in the Courts. Through discussion of a series of cases in which he has been involved he will argue that forensic linguists, acting both as researchers and practitioners, need to focus on a broad variety of use cases and understand better how their analysis can be useful in the criminal and civil justice systems. He will examine the legal context in through which experts (including linguists) give evidence in Court and he will argue that forensic linguistic evidence needs to be methodological rigorous and admissible but also it must include clear and convincing explanation to provide the tryers of fact with a rationale basis for making their decisions.

All are welcome to attend.

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