This SLLAT talk will be delivered by Bimali Indrarathne, on 'English language teacher training project in Sri Lanka: impact and challenges'.


Inclusivepractices in ELT is a topic that is minimally covered in pre and/or in-service teacher training programmes in many countries, particularly this is the case in Sri Lanka. As a result, many ELT professionals in Sri Lanka have minimum understanding of how to identify and facilitate learners with specific learning difficulties. Taking this background into consideration, a teacher training project was conducted in Sri Lanka under my GCRF Post-doctoral project, in which 100 teacher trainers, 172 English teachers, 19 policy planners/ textbook writers/ language testers and 20 speech therapists were trained on identifying and facilitating dyslexic learners in the English language classroom.

In this talk, I will discuss the impact that the project has brought into the ELT field in Sri Lanka, the challenges I faced when implementing the project as well as the challenges that both English language teacher trainers and teachers face when facilitating learners with specific learning difficulties in the Sri Lankan context.  

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