How can corpora, large electronic collections of language samples, make your teaching of English language even better? What can your students themselves do with corpora to study, say, language and gender? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the one-day workshop we are organising.

  • on Monday 2 July 2018
  • from 11:00 until 15:45
  • at Lancaster University
  • for Sixth Formers and their teachers
  • free of charge.

Using corpora to explore the English language
(for students)

In this hands-on workshop, your students will learn about corpora and corpus methods and their important role in studying the English language. Your students will be taught how to build and explore their own mini-corpus with the help of a free corpus analysis app. They will also use corpus methods to explore the British National Corpus, a large collection of texts and transcribed speech showing how British English is used in real life. We will focus on spoken language and its typical features and compare speech of users representing different social groups (e.g. men versus women and speakers from different regions).

Using corpora to teach English language 
(for teachers)

This practical workshop will focus on the use of corpora to teach about the effect of sociolinguistic factors in language use (e.g. age and gender). It will also introduce participants to two new corpus tools designed for classroom use to explore the English Language: 1. #LancsBox, a user-friendly app that allows students to load and explore their own mini-corpora; 2. an interactive website providing access to spoken data and enabling a comparison of speakers according to different social categories. The website also includes lesson plans and visualisations of the data, allowing students to improve their quantitative and research skills.

In joint and separate sessions, you and your students will also learn about recent advances in the study of language and power, language and social media, metaphors and language learning and teaching, from renowned experts in these fields.

If you would like to attend our English Language Workshop, please register with Joann Bowker ( before 30 April and let us know how many students and teachers we will be welcoming!

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