This weeks Language Testing Research Group talk will be by Karmen Pižorn, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, who will talk about:

An investigation of young EFL learners’ writing scripts

In Slovenia, the national English language assessment for Year 6  students, aged 11, was implemented more than a decade ago. However, a detailed analysis of the key characteristics of writing scripts of the students had not been performed. Therefore, 110 scripts written by strong, average and weaker students were thoroughly analysed.  While some results were expected (e.g. the weakest students wrote the shortest texts, and the most successful students wrote the longest texts), other findings - such as the most frequently used words in the students’ writing compared with the 500 words listed in  New - GSL 500, the attained CEFR levels, and the readability-factor – give new insights into the young EFL students’ writing scripts and consequently into their writing skills/competences. Can item writers and EFL teachers find these results relevant, too?

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