The next SLLAT talk will be delivered by Prof. Laurence Anthony (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan; Honorary Research Fellow, CASS) on 'Developing materials for the EFL classroom through model building and corpus analysis'.


The end products of writing tasks have been the object of a considerable amount of research in the areas of second language (L2) acquisition and assessment. However, relatively little empirical research exists that examines the cognitive processes and behaviours in which L2 writers engage and how these may relate to text quality. In this talk, we will discuss and demonstrate how triangulating various data sources - eye-movement recordings, online keystroke logs, comments from retrospective stimulated recall, and tests of cognitive abilities - may help explore cognitive writing processes and behaviours and their links to text quality. We will argue that the combination of behavioural and verbal protocol data enables researchers to arrive at more valid conclusions about the nature of the L2 writing process and more sound implications for teaching and assessing L2 writing.

Short Biography:

Laurence Anthony is Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan. His main interests are in corpus linguistics, educational technology, and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program design and teaching methodologies. He received the National Prize of the Japan Association for English Corpus Studies (JAECS) in 2012 for his work in corpus software tools design (e.g., AntConc).

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