15 March 2016
Congratulations to Linguistics PhD candidate, Noura Alghamdi, who has been awarded best paper for her recent conference presentation.

Applied Linguistics (by Thesis and Coursework) PhD candidate, Noura Alghamdi, was awarded best paper within the field of 'Humanities & Social Sciences' for her presentation entitled "English for Academic Presentations: Literacy Practices and Meaning Making beyond Language" at the 9th Saudi Student Conference in UK, Birmingham, 13-14 Feb 2016.


Despite the importance that genre studies have acquired within English for Academic Purposes (EAP) research, there are many aspects of genres that have not received adequate attention within these studies, especially in relation to spoken genres. This paper describes briefly an exploratory investigation of the literacy practices that surround female undergraduates’ participation in seminar presentations in one of the universities in Saudi Arabia. This investigation pays particular attention to the means through which these undergraduates represent and communicate disciplinary knowledge. In addition, the paper briefly discusses the ethnographic methods that were utilized to gain a deeper understanding of the participants’ engagement with knowledge dissemination using English in relation to their personal interests and the local academic norms governing their disciplines. The paper concludes by highlighting the significance of this qualitative investigation within EAP pedagogy.