8 March 2017
We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between the Department of Linguistics and English Language (LAEL) and Cambridge University Press (CUP).

Academic and research staff from LAEL will provide research-based expertise to support the work at CUP in the development of textbooks and other teaching materials.

LAEL is one of the largest Linguistics departments in the UK, with leading expertise in areas such as language learning/teaching,  language testing and corpus linguistics. CUP is one of world’s leading English Language Teaching publishers, developing materials and courses across a wide range of language topics. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate on this project in order to improve learning experience of language learners around the world.

Elena Semino, the Head of the Department of Linguistics and English Language, welcomes the partnership: “I am truly delighted to see the establishment of a close and long-term collaboration between the department and Cambridge University Press. The combination of the department’s world class research excellence with CUP’s unrivalled experience and profile in educational publishing will lead to major advances in the teaching and learning of foreign languages, and particularly English, around the world.”

Ben Knight, Director for ELT Research and Teacher Development at CUP, adds: “This collaboration enables Cambridge to make use of the latest linguistic research to improve the design and content of its English language courses and materials.  Teachers and learners around the world will benefit from these evidence-based insights into what learners need to focus on, how they can learn language skills more efficiently and how teachers can provide more effective support in the classroom.”