28 November 2017
Attendees at the Language Testing Forum conference selected Olena Rossi’s poster as the winner of the LTF Poster Prize 2017.

In her PhD research, Olena is investigating the effectiveness of an online item writer training programme. Only limited recommendations on how to conduct item writer training can be found in the language testing literature, while it has been repeatedly emphasized that the quality of test items is of crucial importance to test validity and reliability. 

In her poster, Olena presented the pilot study of her research on the effectiveness of a three-month online item writer course aiming to improve the quality of items written by a group of novice item writers. The pilot involved a pretest-posttest research design, including item writing tasks and interviews, to determine any qualitative changes to items produced by the course participants before versus after completing the course.

Congratulations to Olena on this recognition of her innovative research!