Lancaster Linguistics Laboratories

Phonetics Lab

Phonetics Lab

The Phonetics Lab is directed by Dr Sam Kirkham and Dr Claire Nance. Our facilities are used by staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and visiting students and staff. Lab research strengths include sociophonetics, speech acoustics, articulatory phonetics, and statistical methods.


Phonetics Lab website


Eye-tracking Lab

The Lancaster Linguistics Eye-tracking Lab is dedicated to research that makes use of eye-tracking as part of its methodology. Our facilities are used by staff, as well as by students working in the areas of language testing, second language acquisition, and psycholinguistics.


Eye-tracking Lab website

Writing Research Lab

We have research facilities to investigate writing processes by means of keystroke logging. The Inputlog software installed in our computer lab helps us analyse the fluency of composing processes and gain an insight into revision behaviour. This facility is used by staff and PhD students working in the area of academic writing, second language acquisition and language testing.