Eunkyung Jade Edwards

MA Language Testing (by distance)

Year of Study: 2013/15
Country of origin: South Korea

Well-structured modules, the expert guidance of tutors, and dynamic forum discussions with fellow students have all formed a great experience during this MA programme. The efficient and constructive feedback from tutors and colleagues, combined with their collaborative support has driven my intellectual stimulation and motivation throughout this long distance learning programme. The different professional backgrounds of classmates have facilitated us as students to broaden our perspectives on practical issues in language testing.

As would be expected, I also liked the flexibility of online learning, which allowed me to continue working in a professional capacity whilst studying towards a Masters qualification.

The course was indeed challenging, but I found it possible to keep a balance between work, study and family; and the workload of the programme was well-paced and reasonably manageable. It is so rewarding to have completed the programme; it has deepened my understanding of language testing and given me more professional confidence.