Liga Husko

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (by distance)

Year of Study: 2014/5
Country of origin: Latvia

My pursuit of a degree in TESOL not only equipped me with valuable knowledge and skills, it was a significant factor in my being offered employment at an international school and my promotion from teacher to ESL Program Coordinator. All of the practical and theoretical experience I gained during the MA course is being fully utilized to comprehend and help advance the ESL program at my current workplace.

The support, guidance and advice students receive from the professors of this program is nothing short of invaluable. Clear course guidelines, specific and comprehensible communication of expectations and an enthusiastic and thorough response to any and all of my questions are key factors that make learning not only manageable, but also enjoyable. It is hard to argue with thoughtful and informed aid that is always but a Skype call or e-mail away.