Martin Stark

MA Language Testing (by distance)

Year of Study: 2014/16
Country of origin: England 

I greatly enjoyed the entire course including the dissertation research and writing phase. Having completed various other postgraduate degrees over the years, I can unequivocally state that the online MA in Language Testing has been the best of this type of experience by some distance.

One reason why I found the course so rewarding was its flexibility. I also enjoyed the freedom to be able to explore areas about which I had very little knowledge. I also appreciated the fact that some of the more complex tasks and readings provided scope for certain areas to be explored in further depth if people were especially interested in them.

I also found the reflective journal feature very useful. I thought it played a very important role because, when dealing with new challenges, a certain amount of self-doubt can creep in, and a reassuring voice ‘at the other end’ is immensely helpful.

Although I have individually done distance courses before, mainly short ones connected with editing or proofreading, this was my first experience of distance learning as part of a group. It was extremely valuable to have the opportunity to work together with people from all over the globe involved in a wide range of testing/assessment situations. There seemed to be a very positive spirit of cooperation among the cohort. Even though communicating primarily through writing (apart from occasional Skype sessions) lacks the immediacy of a face-to-face course, it has its own particular strengths. People’s characters still come through in their writing and of course the medium leaves a more permanent record than a spoken discussion.  Furthermore, the course was a chance to make some new friends interested in the same field. It has also led to more work opportunities.

A massive thank-you to you and your colleagues for all your care, conscientiousness, and hard work in providing such an exemplary learning experience!