PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework


These are all the modules currently available for PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework programme.

Although we will make every effort to ensure that all of these modules run there may be some unavoidable changes.

Applied Linguistics Modules

LING430tc Bilingualism (2017) Mark Sebba
LING421tc Corpus Linguistics (2016) Paul Baker
LING440tc Critical Discourse Analysis  Christopher Hart
LING432tc Digital Literacies (2016) Karin Tusting
LING442tc Discourse Studies Veronika Koller
LING490tc English Grammar Willem Hollmann
LING491tc The History of English Willem Hollmann
LING504 Language Testing Tineke Brunfaut
LING420tc Linguistic Analysis (2017) Daniel Van Olmen
LING423tc New Directions in Linguistic Analysis (spans 2015/2016) Jenefer Philp
LING434tc Pragmatics  Jonathan Culpeper
LING411tc Second Language Acquisition Judit Kormos
LING435tc Sociolinguistics (2016) Alison Sealey
LING450tc Stylistics Elena Semino
LING407tc Task-based Language Teaching (2017) Jenefer Philp / Marije Michel

Research Methods Modules

LING550 Classroom Research 
(as Directed study module, subject to demand as a module to be taken for credit)
Jenefer Philp / Diane Potts
LING545 Collecting, Transcribing and Analysing Spoken Data 
(option choice half module) (2016)
Karin Tusting
LING546 Critical Approaches to Social Data for Applied Linguistics 
(option choice half module, 2017)
LING544 Interview Methods and Questionnaire Design 
(option choice half-module) (2016)
Diane Potts
LING541 Quantitative Data and Analysis for Applied Linguistics 
(compulsory full module, 2016)
Andrew Wilson
LING542 Qualitative Methods in Applied Linguistics 
(compulsory full module, 2017)
Uta Papen
LING543 Reading Research Papers in Applied Linguistics
(option choice half module, 2017)
Julia Gillen