What Will You Study

Taught by academics and scholars highly rated for both teaching and research, your degree course focuses on the analysis of contemporary and historical English.

You’ll begin your degree with our core English Language module. This wide-ranging module will introduce you to the English Language, how to describe it, how it varies, and how it functions in a variety of contexts. You will not only study the traditional linguistic areas of English (eg lexis, grammar, phonetics), but also areas that are often overlooked (eg letters, spellings) and areas that have more recently come to the fore, such as pragmatics or conversation analysis. You’ll also take two further subjects of your choice.

In your second year, you’ll move on to core subjects such as English Sounds and Structures. At Lancaster, we offer you a range of exciting options for the second and third year of your degree, such as Discourse Analysis; Stylistics; Forensic Linguistics; Language in the Workplace, Contemporary Methods in English Language Studies.

In your final year, you'll undertake a Dissertation research project, which enables you to independently explore a topic that is especially interesting or relevant to your career, overseen by a staff member in that area.