Dr Frank Dondelinger

Lecturer in Biostatistics

Research Overview

I am a Lecturer in Biostatistics at Lancaster University in the CHICAS (Combining Health Information, Computation And Statistics) group of the Lancaster Medical School. My research interests include Bayesian models for drug and treatment response, information sharing, transfer learning and group mapping for transferring knowledge from in vitro to in vivo datasets, network reconstruction from time-series and interventional data, efficient inference in complex high-dimensional Bayesian models, and parameter inference in models of biological systems.

Cell cycle synchronisation of Trypanosoma brucei by centrifugal counter-flow elutriation reveals the timing of nuclear and kinetoplast DNA replication
Benz, C., Dondelinger, F., McKean, P.G., Urbaniak, M.D. 14/12/2017 In: Scientific Reports. 7, 10 p.
Journal article

Molecular heterogeneity at the network level: high-dimensional testing, clustering and a TCGA case study
Staedler, N., Dondelinger, F., Hill, S., Akbani, R., Lu, Y., Mills, G., Mukherjee, S. 15/09/2017 In: Bioinformatics. 33, 18, p. 2890-2896. 7 p.
Journal article