10 November 2015
Lancaster University and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) have been successful in their joint application for a Medical Research Council (MRC) Translational and Quantitative Skills Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) in Global Health.

Recruited students will receive formal training in translational research, including projects with external organisations and industry.

There will be a strong focus on essential competencies in areas relevant to careers in translational research such as business development and intellectual property rights.

This will culminate in PhD work plans that are highly competitive and impactful.

Professor Peter Diggle (FHM) said:  “Lancaster University will be leading on the quantitative methods aspects through the provision of quantitative skills training and  the development of novel methodology to meet the evolving needs of contemporary biomedical and health research.”

Students will embark on an MRes in the first year, which will include external placements and training followed by registration to PhD.

The partnership aims to recruit up to 7 PhD students per intake year for the coming three years.

Interested students from relevant backgrounds such as mathematics; life sciences; social sciences; clinical sciences and public health can obtain more information about the scheme by visiting CHICAS at Lancaster University or Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Both partners are grateful for additional funds into this scheme from the Aldama Foundation, Key Travel and a private legacy.