22 May 2017
Students at Lancaster Medical School are benefiting from some of the most advanced anatomy teaching resources in the UK thanks to their Lecturer, described as “one of the most able and vigorous anatomists of his generation.”

Dr Adam Taylor is Director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre (CALC) and Senior Lecturer in Anatomy on the MBChB programme.

He has received Lancaster University’s Pilkington Teaching Award for his anatomy teaching, integrating state-of-the-art technologies into his delivery.

In the citation, Lancaster University Emeritus Professor Colin Ockleford FRMS FRCPath FAS Fellow of the Academy of Medical Education described Dr Taylor as “one of the most able and vigorous anatomists of his generation.”

Dr Taylor has pioneered the use of the Anatomage interactive teaching table, containing hundreds of MRI, CT and X-ray body scans.

This makes Lancaster Medical School one of the first UK medical schools to have Anatomage and Lancaster students some of the first to use it, learning anatomy via diagnostic media that they will use in clinical practice, so improving their ability to diagnose and treat patients.

He said: “I am privileged to be able to provide high-quality, cutting edge, innovative teaching to Medical students.  Anatomage adds to our ability to make our doctors well rounded and competent at looking at clinical images which is what they will see in clinical practice all the time.“

He has also brought in an interactive 3-D projector and specialised software which projects the human body in 3-D.

Emeritus Professor Ockleford added: “The medium of virtual reality is relatively new to anatomy teaching but is now becoming common place in training surgeons and emergency care physicians.

“Lancaster’s students now utilise this resource to learn their anatomy making them some of the most proficient when it comes to medical practice and competing for highly skilled and highly sought after specialities in the medical field.”

The Pilkington Teaching Award follows on from the award of the LUSU Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2016 when Dr Taylor was praised for his “incredible drive and enthusiasm” which has“created an atmosphere where students are excited, engaged and determined.”