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Call for Papers: Issue 4

'Hidden Voices’

Some voices in art, literature and culture are muffled, hushed or even silenced. Other voices deliberately hide, perhaps masking one meaning behind another. The forthcoming issue of The Luminary is interested in exploring the voices that whisper at the edges of the conversation, in uncovering the conversations going on underneath the hubbub, in exploring the role of hidden or hushed voices in art, culture and literature. We welcome both critical and creative submissions.

Critical Submissions
We welcome critical submissions between 4,000 and 7,000 words from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to literature, film studies, art, music, cultural studies, history, sociology, politics and disability studies. Papers might consider issues such as:

  • postcolonial or transcultural writing
  • digital technology and emergent voices
  • feminism
  • alternative histories
  • Haunted texts / Hauntology
  • the relationship between the dominant, the residual and the emergent
  • the role of the voice in insurgency, revolution, and social unrest
  • Allegory, doublespeak, speaking otherwise
  • Banned films / Banned books / Controversial cultural products
  • Issues of censorship
  • Aural literature/ the spoken word
  • Whispers, rumours, networks

Creative Submissions
Creative submissions of no more than 7,000 are welcomed and may include poetry, short fiction, prose, creative non-fiction.

Deadline for submissions: 28th February, 2014

Submission Information

Critical essays should be between 4,000 and 7,000 words. Creative submissions should be no more than 7,000 words .

Submissions to be emailed (with an abstract and brief author bio) to .

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