Double degrees

Increasingly popular worldwide, double degrees enable students to earn two degrees in a relatively short timeframe – and at a lower cost than completing two degrees separately.

Holding two degrees allows students to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive global employment market, especially if those degrees come from different universities in different countries.

We offer students the opportunity to do this at both undergraduate and Masters level.

Double degrees for LUMS students


Our BBA in European Management is a four-year integrated degree in which students spend two years at Lancaster, followed by two years studying and working in either France, Germany, Italy or Spain. These schemes also allow students to become fluent in another language – a significant asset for those looking for international careers.

The related BBA in European-American Management combines two years at Lancaster with a further two years studying and working in the USA.


At Masters level, graduates from some of our LUMS programmes can acquire a second Masters through our double-degree collaboration with two internationally respected partner schools: 

In both cases, Masters students begin their study at the partner school immediately after they have completed their academic programme at LUMS.

LUMS double degrees for incoming students

Each year LUMS also welcomes students from other schools who study here under our double-degree arrangements. The Masters programmes with Católica-Lisbon and NHH are both reciprocal, so incoming students from both universities come to LUMS for the second year of their two-year programme. The credits they gain count towards their degrees in their home country, and they are also awarded the Lancaster Masters degree for the programme they have followed.

We also have double-degree schemes for incoming Masters students from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, ISM in Germany, Católica Porto Business School and National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

At undergraduate level, our European-American BBA degrees are reciprocal arrangements, but we also have incoming double-degree programmes for students from the Estonian Business School, the International Business School at Sun Yat-sen University, and Lignan College, also part of Sun Yat-sen University. On these schemes, students come to LUMS for the third and fourth years of their studies.