Alexander Thimm

Country of origin: Germany

Legal Entity Controlling Volkswagen Leasing, Volkswagen Financial Services

Having considered many universities, Lancaster University Management School offered me the best combination of factors such as its reputation and programme content. Other aspects which supported me in my decision included very strong academic track record of the professors and the opportunity to study for the CFA designation.

My favourite courses were the CFA level 1 preparation sessions and the dissertation module. In the CFA sessions, we were well prepared for the CFA exam and therefore everybody passed it. I really enjoyed the close interaction with my supervisor as well as the great support and advice. The supervisor was reachable all the time and provided me with very detailed feedback at each stage during my dissertation. 

At LUMS, students have a lot of opportunities to participate. As a member of the Investment and Finance Society, I had a chance to attend several careers events from financial institutions. All of them were helpful regarding future employability and applications. Moreover, I became a Student Ambassador and Student Advisor. The former enabled me to talk to new students about my experience at Lancaster University, for instance, at the Careers Fair of Catolica University in Lisbon. Acting as a Student Advisor was the opportunity I appreciated the most.

I had a great time in Lancaster and am very happy that I decided to study here. Besides the knowledge I gained, I made friends with students from all around the world. LUMS experience broadened my perspective and gave me an opportunity to network. Therefore, I can truly recommend studying at LUMS to all students. 

After attending the information session about study abroad opportunities, I decided to apply for the double degree programme with Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. My decision was based on the recommendations of Catolica students from LUMS and former Lancaster students who have already finished their double degree studies. Moreover, the international office supported all students by arranging Skype sessions with the Catolica staff and by getting into contact with former double degree students from Lancaster. We were also assisted during the whole application process and had a few great meetings in Lancaster and Lisbon.  

The LUMS Careers Team supports students in the application process; their door is always open and I received good advice concerning the structure of my CV and the content of my cover letter. These services are particularly helpful for international students who are not used to the application requirements in the UK.