Vivien Beattie, Editor, Accounting and Business Research, 2013-present

Daniel Giamourides, Associate Editor, Financial Analysts Journal, 2014-present

Vasso Ioannidou, Associate Editor, Multinational Finance Journal, 2015 - present

Ingmar Nolte, Associate Editor, European Journal of Finance, 2011-present

Ingmar Nolte, Guest Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013/14

Mark Shackleton, Associate Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2014-present

Stephen Taylor, Associate Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2003-2011

Stephen Taylor, Editorial Board, Journal of Banking Finance and Accounting, 2001-2013

Steven Young, Associate Editor, Journal of Banking Finance and Accounting, 2006-present

Steven Young, Associate Editor, European Accounting Review, 2006-present


Grants and awards


Vivien Beattie, recipient of the British Accounting and Finance Association Best Paper Prize for 2014.  The prize is awarded to the authors of the article that is assessed by members of the Editorial Board and the Board of Associate Editors as being the most outstanding of the articles published in The British Accounting Review during 2014. The paper is entitled Accounting narratives and the narrative turn in accounting research: Issues, theory, methodology, methods and a research framework”.

Vivien Beattie, Recipient of the British Accounting & Finance Association Distinguished Academic Award in 2012.

Vivien Beattie, ‘The Future of the Academic Accounting Discipline in the UK’, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, 2010, 21 months, £14,998

Vivien Beattie, Winner of the American Accounting Association/Deloitte Wildman Medal, 2007.

Vivien Beattie, ‘Intellectual Capital Disclosure by UK Companies, 2008, 18 months, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, £9,962

Wendy Beekes, ‘Corporate Governance, Corporate Disclosure Policies and the Timeliness of Price Discovery: An International Study’ (with P. Brown), The Leverhulme Trust, Grant £91,245, 2009-2011, (reference F/00 185/W)

Igor Goncharov, ‘Fair Value Accounting, Income Volatility, and Stock Price Volatility’, Institute of Charted Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), 2014-2015, 15 months, £19,000.

Igor Goncharov, ‘The Influence of R&D Accounting on Profitability and Market Valuation of Pharmaceutical Firms’ (with B. Yurtoglu), Johnson & Johnson, 2013-2014, 9 months, €20,000.

Igor Goncharov, Best Manuscript Award for the best paper published in Journal of International Accounting Research, 2011.

Yao Yaqiong, “Dean's Award for Research Excellence” by the University of Melbourne, 2013

Steven Young, “Cross-Border Information Transfers and Accounting Quality”, £42,948: Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales’ Centre for Business Performance (with P.F. Pope)

Steven Young, “ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS)”, £3.4 million FEC, RC contribution (£2.7 million), Economic and Social Research Council (ES/K002155/1) (Co-investigator)

Steven Young, “Understanding the Influences of Financial Reporting, Corporate Disclosures and Financial Media on the Corporate Financial Information Environment”, £332,416, Economic and Social Research Council (ES/J012394/1) plus £50,000 from Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales’ Centre for Business Performance) (Co-investigator)


Conference organisation

Igor Goncharov, Workshop on ‘Current Issues in Empirical Financial Reporting Research’ (co-organizer), 2013, WHU.

Ingmar Nolte, IFABS 2013, 5th International Conference, 2013, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK

Ingmar Nolte, Frontiers of Finance 2012, Warwick Business School

Ingmar Nolte, Advances in Finance 2011, Warwick Business School

Ingmar Nolte, Conference on ‘Individual Decision Making, High Frequency Econometrics and Limit Order Book Dynamics’, 2009, Warwick Business School

Grzegorz Pawlina, co-organizer (with Bart Lambrecht, University of Cambridge) of Cambridge Corporate Finance Theory Symposium (19-20 Sep. 2014); Cambridge Judge Business School; sponsored by Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance; 30+ participants, 10 speakers (keynote speech by Franklin Allen, Imperial College London).

Grzegorz Pawlina, Conference on “Capital Structure, Liquidity and Governance” London School of Economics, London (co-organized with Bart Lambrecht (University of Cambridge) and David Webb (London School of Economics)). Keynote: Stewart Myers, MIT



Igor Goncharov, Keynote speaker, Exploratory Workshop: Empirical Research on the Determinants of Accounting Quality, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, 2012.

Ingmar Nolte, Statistical Week 2013, Berlin

Stephen Taylor, Keynote speaker Humboldt-Copenhagen conference on Financial Econometrics, Copenhagen, May 2011

Stephen Taylor, Keynote speaker, Portuguese Finance Network conference, Coimbra, July 2008

Steven Young, Information for Better Markets Conference, December 2013


Other Honours

Vivien Beattie, Member, ESRC Peer Review College, 2010-to date.

Vivien Beattie, Academic advisor to the Competition Commission Investigation into the Statutory Audit Market, 2012-2013.

Vasso Ioannidou, CEPR Research Fellow, Financial Economics (FE), 2015 - present