Masters in Accounting & Finance alumni profiles

Read what our graduates have to say about their time spent studying Accounting and Finance at LUMS, and how it has helped them in their career.





Minh Thang Ho

MSc Advanced Financial Analysis, 2016

After graduating, Minh Thang went to work as an Investment Analyst Intern at Vietnam Investments Group.

Konstantina Kalantzi

MSc Advanced Financial Analysis, 2016

After graduating from Lancaster, Konstantina went to work at EY in Greece in the Financial Services Risk Management Department.

Audrey Lye

MSc Finance, 2016

After graduating from Lancaster University, Audrey joined KPMG as an Auditor on their Graduate Programme.

Hang Liu

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2016

Hang will continue his studies at Lancaster University, studying for a PhD in Statistics.

Dimitrios Kanelis

MSc Finance, 2016

Dimitrios is currently studying at Catolica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal.

Sebastian Stauss

MSc Finance, 2016

Sebastian now works as a Finance Trainee at LANXESS AG in Cologne.

Zhihui Huang

MSc Accounting & Financial Management, 2015

After graduating, Zhihui went on to secure a position at Shanghai Disney Resort as Associate Financial Analyst.

Liangyue Xiao

MSc Accounting & Financial Management, 2014

Liangyue joined KPMG as a Tax Consultant after graduation.

Ilhan Kirpik

Finance MSc, 2013

Ilhan now works for Citi in New York as an Investment Banking Associate.

Xiaobin Cai

MSc Accounting & Financial Management, 2013

Xiaobin is now working as an associate accountant for Halliburton in China.

Christian Koeppel

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2013

Upon graduating from the MSc Quantitative Finance, Christian obtained a job as a consultant for Deloitte Germany.

Zhifang Zhang

MRes Accounting and Financial Management, 2013

Zhifang studied for her undergraduate degree in Accounting & Finance and her MRes in Accounting & Finance at LUMS before starting her PhD.