Masters in Accounting & Finance alumni profiles

Read what our graduates have to say about their time spent studying Accounting and Finance at LUMS, and how it has helped them in their career.





Rudy Saadi

MSc Finance, 2007

Rudy now works for Citi in London.

Meghna Amrohi

MSc Finance, 2007

Meghna joined PwC after finishing her degree.

Stavros Violaris

MSc Finance, 2007

Stavros now works in wealth and asset management for EY in London.

Thomas Metzger

MSc Finance, 2007

Thomas joined Macquarie Capital Funds in London on completing his MSc in Finance.

Robert Neilson

MSc Finance, 2007

Robert joined BT after graduating and now works for Ernst & Young.

Anastasia Elisenkova

MSc Finance, 2007

Anastasia now works for Alfa Bank.

Steven Pereira

MSc Finance, 2006

Steven had worked in finance for 13 years before starting the MSc. He now works for HSBC in Singapore.

Pierre-Olivier Billard

MSc Finance, 2005

Pierre-Olivier has had a very successful career in the Financial Services and Investment Management Industries. Since 2008 he has been working for Fonds de réserve pour les Retraites (FRR) in Paris, and is now the Head of the Asset Allocation Department there.