Matthew Bonnett

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University

I trained as a chartered accountant in Worcester and completed the ACCA qualification within the workplace. During my training, I was involved in auditing small companies and charities, preparing financial statements, personal and corporate tax returns, and preparing payrolls. I decided to move into academic accounting to fulfil my life-long desire of learning.

After graduating from Lancaster University, I decided to return to complete my postgraduate studies. I studied a Master of Research degree in Accounting and Financial Management and then a Doctorate in Accounting & Finance, graduating in 2008.

Upon completing my Doctorate degree at Lancaster University, I was appointed Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I worked for five years. During this time I travelled to international conferences and taught financial accounting to undergraduate students. I also learnt two languages, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, and developed a passion for Asia.

In 2014, I returned to the UK becoming a lecturer in accounting at Edinburgh Napier University. I currently teach financial accounting, corporate finance, corporate governance, and international accounting courses in Edinburgh and Hong Kong. I am currently the programme leader of the BA Accounting (Hong Kong) and also travel occasionally to mainland China to teach various courses at partner institutions.

I have presented several papers at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting and the European Accounting Association Annual Congress among other international conferences. I have written several papers surrounding debt contracting and I research other financial accounting and corporate finance issues. I supervise candidates for the PhD and DBA qualification as well as the Bachelors and Master’s Degree dissertations in Hong Kong and Edinburgh.