Young-Soo Choi

Country of origin: South Korea

Senior Lecturer, Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul)

I decided to take my Doctorate at Lancaster University Management School because of its international reputation in both research and teaching. Before coming here, like many other Koreans, I was not too familiar with Lancaster. From past experience, I found that many Korean students only considered US business schools, largely due to their high profile. Unfortunately, other good schools outside the US were not very well recognised in Korea.

Having done some personal research, I found that there were a small number of schools in the UK that were considered excellent places to study and had high global rankings. During my time in the UK as a local specialist (Samsung Group’s long-term education programme), I was able to investigate this further.

Looking back, the times I really enjoyed in my life were when I prepared the entrance exam for my MSc in Korea and when I studied my PhD in Accounting and Finance at Lancaster. During my PhD, I had a great relationship with my supervisors, enjoyed my research topic and fitted in well into the Lancaster environment.

With hindsight, I do not regret the decision to study at Lancaster. Lancaster is a peaceful and beautiful city. It was important for me that my wife and children also fitted into Lancaster. I found the city had excellent primary and secondary schools for children’s education and was a great place to bring them up. Moreover, the facilities within the campus are very good for students with families, e.g., nursery, health centre, sports centre and many more. I was therefore able to concentrate on studying for my PhD.

During my PhD, I felt that my knowledge and confidence in my field had been growing thanks to the excellent guidance from my supervisors. I was honoured to study under their mentorship because they were world-class researchers with international recognition. They always encouraged me and were willing to give me good advice. As a result, I won the first prize in a European PhD thesis competition and got a position as Research Associate for a joint project with both Lancaster and Manchester University.

Currently, I am working as a lecturer at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.