Research graduates

This page lists PhD graduates from Lancaster's Department of Accounting and Finance. You can also read what some of our graduates say about their experience of studying accounting and finance at Lancaster in our PhD graduate profiles.

Any graduates who would like a hyperlink to their current web page, please e-mail the Department.

2017 graduates 



Chenyu Zhang
Emperical Essays on Inferring Information from Options adn Other Financial Derivatives

Zhifang Zhang

Essays on CEO Compensation and Corporate Governance

2016 graduates 

Panagiotis Couzoff
Effects of the Seperation of Ownership and Control on Corporate Cash Decisions

Chris Ford
Managing the Performance of Collaborative Innovation

Xi Fu
Empirical Essays on Option-Implied Information and Asset Pricing

Meng He
Irregular Payouts pf Excess Cash in UK Listed Firms

Cheng Luo
Discrete Capacity Choice Problems in Repeated and Scaled Investment

Rui Fan
Essays on financial econometrics: cojump detection and density forecasting

Xiuye Zhang
Non Compliance, Financial Reporting Quality and Director Turnover

2015 graduates

Weijia Li
The Informativeness of US Banks' Statements of Cash Flows

2014 graduates

Jun Gu
Examinations of Associations Between Regulatory Factors and the Accounting Numbers of US Banks

Rohit Sonika
Conditional Share Repurchase Decisions, Strategic Behaviour and Exectutive Compensation Structure

Joana Fontes

Studies on Fair Value Accounting for Liabilities and Own Credit Risk Recognition

Nereida Polovina
Three Essays on Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

Monika Tarsalewska
Dynamic Models of Mergers and Acquisitions

2013 graduates

Fani Kalogirou
Empirical Studies on Economic Consequences of Accounting Standards.

Mark Klassen
Exploring Value Logics and Management Control Systems

Ping-Chen (Vincent) Tsai
Am Empirical Study on Jumps in Asset Price Using High-Frequency Financial Returns

Justin Chircop
Accounting for repurchase agreements

Oksana Pryshchepa
Wealth Transfer Activities in Financially Distressed Firms

Cathy Salzedo
The Impact of Earnings Surprises on Sell-Side Financial Analysts

Joao Toniato
Studies on the Stock Market Impact of Current Accounting Information and Analyst Forecasts of Accounting Numbers

2012 graduates

Jinsha Zhao
Three Essays in Executive Compensation

Chi-Feng (Joseph) Tzeng
Information About Price & Volatility Jumps Inferred from Option Prices

2011 graduates

Dr Jennifer Dunmore Condie
Stages & Pathways of Management Accounting Change in Small, Growing Firms

Dr Ismail Uruk Gucbilmez
Three Essays on Investment under Uncertainty

Dr Alexandros Sikalidis
The Link Between Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance with Business Decisions and Inventor Protection.  The Role of Economic and Legal Institutions in the Case of Mandatory Dividend Payment in Greece

Dr Dudley Gilder
An Empirical Investigation of US Stock Prices:  Jumps and Co-Movements

Dr Sonia Konstantinidi
Studies on the Rationality of Earnings Expectations and the Risk in Earnings

2010 graduates

Dr Gang Xu
Three Essays in Financial Econometrics

Dr Urška Kosi
Studies on the Importance of Incentives and Standards in the Financial Reporting Process

Dr Jon Brabbin
The Role of Management Control Procedures in Translating Core Purposes into Action

Dr Lei Sun
Cumulative Prospect Theory and its Application in Empirical Stock Options and a Consumption Model

Dr Yachang Zeng
Two Studies of Accounting Quality:  Analysts' Disclosure of Low Accounting Quality and Accounting Comparability in the Post-IFRS Adoption Period

2009 graduates

Dr Argyro Panaretou
Studies in Corporate Risk Management

Dr Joao Carlos Aguiar Teixeira
Essays on Outsourcing and Vertical Integration

Dr Nikos Voukelatos
Empirical Essays on Historical Volatility Models, Option-Implied Volatility and the Efficiency of Options Markets

Dr Jinbiao Peng
Valuation Anchors and Premium Multiples

Dr Jiwei Dong
High-Frequency Market Microstructure Analysis

Dr Sophie Tessier
The Enactment of Negative Controls: A Multiple-Case Study Research

2008 graduates

Dr Florian Bardong
Determinants of the Stock-level Information Environment:  Empirical Evidence

Dr James Matthew Bonnett
The Use of Accounting Numbers in Debt Contracting and Monitoring

Dr Shaling Li
The Relationship between Audit Quality and Earnings Conservatism

Dr Idlan Zakaria
Three Papers in Executive Remuneration

Dr Nicholas Carline
Takeover Market Efficiency and the Interplay with Corporate Governance

Dr Ricardo Cunha
Essays on Household Finance

Dr Vicky Kiosse
Accounting for Defined Benefit Pension Plans in the U.S: Evidence on Value Relevance and Earnings Management.

Dr Fergal O'Brien
An Empirical Investigation of FTSE 100 ESX and S&P 500 SPX Equity Index Option Returns

Dr Valentine Ururuka
The Use and Consequenses of Performance Management & Control Systems

Dr Yuanyuan Zhang
An Analysis of the Information Content of, and the Risk-Neutral Skewness Implicit in, U.S, Individual Stock Options.

2007 graduates

Dr Paulo Alves
Essays on the reliability of R2 as a measure of the quality of a firm's information environment

Dr Kevin Aretz
The Determinants and Rationality of US Stock Returns.  Empirical Evidence.

Dr Beatriz Garcia Osma
Earnings Quality, Auditor Monitoring and Corporate Governance.

Dr Aditi Gupta
Director Careers and Firm Performance.

Dr Helder Miguel Sebastiao
Price Discovery in the FTSE 100 Index & FTSE 100 Futures Contracts

Dr Yuan (Judy) Yin
Essays on Financial Analysts' Stock Picking and Relative Valuation Practices

Dr Peng (Fisher) Yu
Density Forecasting for the S&P 500 Index: Methods and Evaluations

2006 graduates

Dr Nelson Areal
Essays on FTSE-100 volatility and options valuation

Dr Wen-hsin (Audrey) Hsu
Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings:  Extensions and Puzzles.

Dr Sayjda Talib
The Role and Implications of Effective Investor Relations Practices.

Dr Jing Yang
Directors' Share Trading Around Actual Open Market Share Repurchases in the UK:  A Timing Game.

2005 graduates

Dr Daniel Chi-Hsiou Hung
CAPM, higher co-moment asset pricing models of stock returns and size, value and momentum strategies.

Dr Helena Isidro
The practice and implications for performance measurement and equity valuation of dirty surplus accounting flows: international evidence.

Dr Xiaoquan Liu
Density estimation from the FTSE 100 Index.

Dr Shiu Yan Pong
Modelling and forecasting currency volatility using high frequency data.

Dr Suning Shen
The impact of corporate restructuring on value relevance and shareholders wealth.

Dr Yaw-Huei Wang
Volatility measuring and forecasting, risk-neutral density estimation, option pricing, dependence modeling.

2004 graduates

Dr Abed Al-Nasser Abdallah
Does cross listing matter? An empirical analysis of the effects of cross listing of shares in the US and UK on the cost of capital, liquidity, disclosure and investor protection.

Dr Han Lin
Re-examination of post-earnings announcement drift.

2003 graduates

Dr Guillermo Benavides
Commodity, price, options and futures behaviour: the cases of corn and wheat with an application to the Mexican (Aserca) Scheme.

Dr Young-Soo Choi
The reliability and the applicability of the Residual Income-based Valuation Model.

Dr John McCallig
The valuation of loss making firms and accounting conservatism.

Dr Andrianos Tsekrekos
Investment under multiple risks and strategic competition: essays in real options.

Dr Victoria Shao-Pin Wang
Empirical studies related to goodwill Accounting in the UK.

2002 graduates

Dr Fatima Abdul Hamid
Corporate financial reporting.

Dr Elizabeth Dedman
The Cadbury Report: its effects on UK board structure.

Dr Aldonio Ferreira
Management accounting and control systems design and use: an exploratory study in Portugal.

Dr Jose Antonio Cardoso Moreira
Essays in links between firm value and earnings components under conservative accounting.

Dr Shy Kuo Wong
Valuation of financial institutions.

Dr Vasileios Zisis
Further information on the informativeness of EVAtm accounting.

2001 graduates

Dr Ashni Singh
Earnings management to achieve targets and the monitoring effectiveness of auditors and boards.

2000 graduates

Dr Hafiz-Majdi Ab Rashid
Cost of capital, disclosure quality and board composition and structure: empirical analyses of retail banks listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Dr Kevin McMeeking
An empirical analysis of the level and changes of UK audit and non audit service fees.

1999 graduates

Dr Bevan Blair
Modelling Standard and Poor's 100 Index volatility.

Dr Jose Manuel Carrera
Market microstructure of the foreign exchange market: lessons from Mexico.

Dr Jorge Farinha
Dividend policy, corporate governance and managerial entrenchment.

Dr Ilias Lekkos
Empirical evidence on interest rate dynamics: evidence from USD, DM, GBP and JPY interest rates.

Dr Sandra Peterson
Three essays on multivariate, multiperiod option pricing using the Ho-Stapleton-Subrahmanyam Model.

Dr Christopher Ratcliffe
Models for pricing credit derivatives and credit related instruments: theory and implementation.

1998 graduates

Dr Kanagasabai Balachandran
Off balance sheet financing group accounting and the corporate lending decision.

Dr San-Lin Chung
The generalised Geske-Johnson Technique for the valuation of American options with stochastic interest rates.

1997 graduates

Dr Antonio Camara

Asset liability management in a multiperiod framework: stochastic models vs multifractual models.

Dr Yuen-Chen Chang
Modelling intraday foreign exchange rates - price patterns and volatility.

1996 graduates

Dr David Marginson
Investigating the relationship between an organisation's strategy and its management control systems.

Dr Jamie Munro
Convertible debt: rationale and accounting classification.

Dr Raili Pollanen
Budgetary criteria in performance evaluation and organizational effectiveness in the public sector: an empirical investigation in Ontario colleges and universities.

Dr Fauziah Taib
Costly contracting and other explanations of corporate managements' choices of Accounting Models.

1995 graduates

Dr John Chuang-Chang Chang
Efficient biominal methods for option valuation and hedging: the case of American currency options and warrants.

Dr Vassilis Thomas
The present value relation and stock price volatility: the UK evidence and Monte Carlo simulations.

Professor Steven Young
Discretionary accounting accruals: systematic measurement error and firm-specific determinants.

1994 graduates

Dr Huguette Blanco
Efficient contracting in mineral exploration in Canada.

Dr Yu-Chih Lin
Asset revaluations: economic determinants of accounting policy choice in the UK.

Mr Wen-Shyong Steve Tsay
Modelling term structure of interest rate, and valuing interest rate caps and floors.

1993 graduates

Dr Alexander Fakiolas
Reliance on accounting performance measures: an empirical investigation.

Dr Sean Hennessey
The properties of revisions earnings forecasts by financial analysts: Canadian evidence.

Dr Ruth Dianne Hines
Accounting: in communicating a world, we create a world.

Dr Bernard Pierce
Performance evaluation in large audit firms in Ireland.

Dr Zhongtao Wu
Markets reaction to analysts' earnings forecasts: UK evidence.

Dr Xinzhong Xu
An analysis of the implied volatility matrix for the Philadelphia currency options markets.

1990 graduates

Dr Ser-Huang Poon
Investing in shares: an empirical study of the UK stock market.

Dr Robert Anaab Yaansah

1989 graduates

Dr J Pelham O Gore
The FASB conceptual framework project 1973-1985: an analysis.

Dr Teng Suan Ho

Dr Pamela Caroline Ritchie

1988 graduates

Dr Leda Condoyanni
An empirical investigation of seasonal and size anomalies in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Professor Stuart McLeay
The statistical properties of financial ratios: European evidence.

Dr Yassin Ahmad Mousa El-Issa
The usefulness of corporate financial disclosure to investors in the Amman financial markets.

Dr Roger Murray Lindsay
The use of tests of significance in accounting research: a methodological philosophical and empirical inquiry.

1986 graduates

Dr Rowan Jones
The financial control function of local government accounting.

Dr Salima Yassia
Development planning and project generation and selection processes in the Algerian public sector.

Dr Charles Wilkinson
Towards a theory of management control systems: a case study approach.

1985 graduates

Dr Alexander Whiting
The analysis of the share discounts of UK investment trust companies: a time series approach.

1982 graduates

Dr Bakri Abdelrahim Bashir
Portfolio management of Islamic banks.

1979 graduates

Dr Francisco Jose Becker Dias
The effect of accounting data aggregation on management decisions: an experimental investigation.

1976 graduates

Professor Clive Emmanuel
Transfer pricing in the corporate environment.

Professor Sidney Gray
Company financial reporting standards and the European Community.

1975 graduates

Professor Kenneth Peasnell
The fundamental nature and purpose of published accounts of companies, with particular reference to the needs of users and potential users.