Top publications

The Faculty has published in some of the very best journals in Accounting and Finance such as Accounting, Organizations and Society, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Accounting Studies, Review of Financial Studies, and The Accounting Review as well as many other high quality journals in Accounting, Finance, Economics and Econometrics such as Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Business Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of International Economics, the Review of Finance, among others.

Below we provide a selection of the current Faculty’s publication output since 2010:


Fiechter, P., Landsman, W.R., Peasnell, K.V. and Renders, A. “The IFRS option to reclassify financial assets out of fair value in 2008: the roles played by regulatory capital and too-important-to-fail status”, Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming. 

Evans III, J.H., Gao, Z., Hwang, Y., and Wu, W. “Performance periods in CEO performance-based equity awards: Theory and evidence”, The Accounting Review, forthcoming. 

Baylis,R., Burnap, P., Clatworthy, M., Gad, M., Pong, C. “Private lenders’ demand for audit”, Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming

Chircop, J., and Novotny-Farkas, Z., “The economic consequences of extending the use of fair value accounting in regulatory capital calculations”, Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming.

Fiechter, P., Novotny-Farkas, Z., “The impact of the institutional environment on the value relevance of fair values”, Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.

Chen, P.F., He, S., Ma, Z., Stice, D. “The information role of audit opinions in debt contracting”, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2016, 61, 1, p. 121-144.

Young, S., Zeng, Y. “Accounting comparability and the accuracy of peer-based valuation models”, The Accounting Review, 2015, 90, 6, p. 2571-2601.

Christodoulou, D., and McLeay S. “The double entry constraint, structural modeling and econometric estimation”, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2014, 31, 2, p. 609-628.

Goncharov, I. and Jacob, M. “Why do countries mandate accrual accounting for tax purposes?”, Journal of Accounting Research, 2014, 52, 5, p. 1127-1163.

Goncharov, I., Riedl, E. J., and Sellhorn, T. “Fair value and audit fees”, Review of Accounting Studies, 2014, 19, 1, p. 210-241.

Srinidhi, B., He, S., Firth, M. “The effect of governance on specialist auditor choice and audit fees in U.S. family firms”, The Accounting Review, 2014, 89, 6, p. 2297-2329.

Baik, B., Chae, J., Choi, S., Farber, D. “Changes in operational efficiency and firm performance: A frontier analysis approach”, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2013, 30, 3, p. 996-1026.

Panaretou, A., Shackleton, M.B., Taylor, P.A. “Corporate risk management and hedge accounting”, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2013, 30, 1, p. 116-139.

Nobes, C. W., Stadler, C. “How arbitrary are international accounting classifications? Lessons from centuries of classifying in many disciplines, and experiments with IFRS data”, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 2013, 38, 8, p. 573-595.

Landsman, W. R., Miller, B. L., Peasnell, K. V., Yeh, S. “Do investors understand really dirty surplus?”, The Accounting Review, 2011, 86, 1, p. 237-258.

Young, S. E., Yang, J. “Stock repurchases and executive compensation contract design: The role of earnings per share performance conditions”, The Accounting Review, 2011, 86, 2, p. 703-733.



Beck, T., Ioannidou, V., and Schafer, L., "Foreigners vs. Natives: Bank Lending Technologies and Loan Pricing", Management Science, forthcoming.

Cen, L., Dasgupta, S., Sen, R. “Discipline or disruption?: stakeholder relationships and the effect of takeover threat”, Management Science, forthcoming.

Degryse, H., Ioannidou, V., von Schedvin, E., “On the non-exclusivity of loan contracts: an empirical investigation”, Management Science, forthcoming.

Lambrecht, B., Pawlina, G., Teixeira, J. “Making, buying and concurrent sourcing: implications for operating leverage and stock beta”, Review of Finance, 2016, 20, 3, p. 1013-1043.

Berger, A.N., Frame, W.S., Ioannidou, V. “Reexamining the empirical relation between loan risk and collateral: the roles of collateral liquidity and types”, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2016, 26, p. 28-46.

Cen, L., Dasgupta, S., Elkamhi, R., Pungaliya, R.S. “Reputation and loan contract terms: the role of principal customers”, Review of Finance, 2016, 20, 2, p. 501-533.

DeMiguel, V., Martin Utrera, A., Nogales, F.J. “Parameter uncertainty in multiperiod portfolio optimization with transaction costs”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,2015, 50, 6, p. 1443-1471.

Ioannidou, V., Ongena, S., Peydró, J.L., “Monetary policy, risk taking, and pricing: evidence from a quasi-natural experiment”, Review of Finance, 2015, 19, 1, p. 95-144.

Chang, X., Dasgupta, S., Wong, G., Yao, J. “Cash-flow sensitivities and the allocation of internal cash flow”, Review of Financial Studies, 2014, 27, 12, p. 3628-3657.

Chen, T., Dasgupta, S., Yu, Y. “Transparency and financing choices of family firms”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2014, 49, 2, p. 381-408.

Huang, J., and Stapleton, R., “Cautiousness, skewness preference, and demand for options”, Review of Finance, 2014, 18, 6, p. 2375-2395.

Cen, L., Chan, K., Dasgupta, S., Gao, N. “When the tail wags the dog: industry leaders, limited attention, and spurious cross-industry information diffusion”, Management Science, 2013, 59, 11, p. 2566–2585.

Lambrecht, B., Pawlina, G. “A theory of net debt and transferable human capital”, Review of Finance, 2013, 17, 1, p. 321-368.

Shiller, R.J., Wojakowski, R., Ebrahim, S., Shackleton, M. “Mitigating financial fragility with Continuous Workout Mortgages”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013, 85, p. 269-285.

Nolte, I., Voev, V., “Least squares inference on integrated volatility and the relationship between efficient prices and noise”, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2012, 30, 1, p. 94-108.

Dasgupta, S., Noe, T., Wang, Z. “Where did all the dollars go?: the effect of cash flows on capital and asset structure”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2011, 45, 5, p. 1259-1294.

Berger, A.N., Scott Frame, W., Ioannidou, V. “Tests of ex ante versus ex post theories of collateral using private and public information”, Journal of Financial Economics, 2011, 100, 1, p. 85-97.

Hara, C., Huang, J., Kuzmics, C. “Effects of background risks on cautiousness with an application to a portfolio choice problem”, Journal of Economic Theory, 2011, 146, 1, p. 346-358.

Bien, K., Nolte, I., Pohlmeier, W., "An inflated multivariate integer count hurdle model: an application to bid and ask quote dynamics", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2011, 26, 4, p. 669-707.

Chang, Y.Y., Dasgupta, S., Hilary, G. “CEO ability, pay, and firm performance”, Management Science, 2010, 56, 10, p. 1633-1652.

Dasgupta, S., “Transparency, price informativeness, and stock return synchronicity: theory and evidence”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2010, 45, 5, p. 1189-1220.

Ioannidou, V.P., Penas, M.F., "Deposit insurance and bank risk-taking: evidence from internal loan ratings", Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2010, 19, 1, p. 95-115.

Ioannidou, V., Ongena, S."Time for a change: loan conditions and bank behavior when firms switch banks”, Journal of Finance, 2010, 65, 5, p. 1847–1877.