Current research seminars

Michaelmas 2016

Monday 12th September 2016  -  Ron Masulis, UNSW Australia
"What Drives Senior Executive Compensation Gaps, Tournament or Managerial Power?" (with Shage Zhang)

Wednesday 14 September 2016 - Kebin Ma, Warwick Business School
"Systemic Risk and Mark Liquidity"

Week 1  Friday 14 October 2016  -  Albert Menkveld, VU University Amsterdam 
"A Network Map of Information Percolation" (with Bjorn Hagstromer)

Week 2  Friday 21 October 2016  -  Tim Adam, Humboldt University, Germany
"Fire-Sales Cascades - Empirical Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry"

Week 3  Tuesday 25 October 2016  -  Ayako Yasuda, University of California, Davis US
"Impact Investing" (with Brad M Barber and Adair Morse)

Week 6  Friday 18 November 2016  -  Joachim Gassen, Humboldt University, Germany
"Who Benefits from Voluntary Disclosure? Evidence from Italian Market Microstructure Data" (with Claudia Gabbioneta and Pietro Mazzola)

Week 7  Friday 25 November 2016  -  Daniel Ferreira, London School of Economics
"The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Director Turnover"

Week 8  Wednesday 30 November 2016  ** CANCELLED **Florian Heider, European Central Bank and Centre for Economic Policy Research
"Life Below Zero: Bank Lending Under Negative Policy Rates"

Week 8  Friday 2 December 2016  -  Aloke Ghosh, Baruch College, CUNY US
"Long-Run Stock Returns Following Internal Control Disclosures"

Week 9  Wednesday 7 December 2016  -  Dawei Fang, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
"How Tournament Incentives affect Asset Markets: A Comparison between Winner-Take-All Tournaments and Elimination Contests" (with Martin Holmen, Daniel Kleinlercher and Michael Kirchler)

Week 9  Friday 9 December 2016  -  Lakshmanan Shivakumar, London Business School
"Do Compensation Disclosures Matter for SoP Voting?" (with Tathagat Mukhopadhyay)

Week 10  Friday 16 December 2016  - Ann Vanstraelen, Maastricht University, Netherlands
"PCAOB Inspections and Audit Firm Behavior: An Analysis of the First Three Inspection Rounds of Small Audit Firms" (with Lei Zou)