Current research seminars

Lent term 2014

Week 1  Friday 10 October 2014 – Robert Korajczyk, Northwestern University, US
"Horizon Pricing" (with Avraham Kamara, Xiaoxia Lou and Ronnie Sadka)

Week 2  Friday 17 October 2014 – Stephen Brown, New York University
"Betting Against Beta or Demand for Lottery" (with Turan G Bali, Scott Murray and Yi Tang)

Week 4  Friday 31 October 2014 – Holger Daske, University of Mannheim, Germany
"A Tale of Two Regulators: Risk Disclosures, Liquidity, and Enforcement in the Banking Sector"

Week 6  Friday 14 November 2014 – Bruce Grundy, Melbourne University
"Can Socially Responsible Firms Survive Competition? An Analysis of Corporate Employee Matching Grants"

Week 7  Friday 21 November 2014 – Gaika Ormazabal Sanchez, IESE Business School, Spain
"Prosecuting Price-Fixing Cartels: The Role of Independent Directors" (with Murillo Campello and Daniel Ferres)

Week 8  Friday 28th November 2014 - Norvald Instefjord, Essex University
"Loan Monitoring and Bank Risk" (with Hiroyuki Nakata)

Week 9  Friday 5 December 2014 – Thorsten Sellhorn, University of Munich
"Recognition Versus Disclosure of Fair Values"