Current research seminars

Lent 2017

Week 1  Friday 20 January 2017  -  Annita Florou, King's College London
"Public Oversight Design and Audit Quality: Evidence from the EU"

Week 2  Friday 27 January 2017  -  Peter Feldhutter, London Business School
"Leveraged Buyouts and Credit Spreads" (with Yael Eisenthal and Vikrant Vig)

Week 4  Friday10 February 2017  -  Karin Thorburn, Norwegian School of Economics
"How Costly is Forced Gender Balancing of Corporate Boards?"

Week 5  Friday 17 February 2017  -  Stephen G Ryan, NYU Stern
"The Real Effects of FAS166 and FAS167 (with Yiwei Dou and Biqin Xie)

Week 6  Friday 24 February 2017  -  Richard Taffler, Warwick Business School
"Asset Pricing Bubbles and Investor Emotions: An Empirical Analysis of the 2014-2016 Chinese Stock Market Bubble" (with Chenyang Wang, Linglu Li and Xijuan Bellotti)

Week 7  Friday 3 March 2017  -  Alastair Lawrence, University of California Berkeley
"Investor Reliance on the Crowd" (with James P Ryans, Estelle Y Sun and Akshay Soni)

Week 8  Monday 6 March 2017  -  Gordon Phillips, Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business, New Hampshire, USA
"Product Integration and Merger Success" (with Gerard Hoberg)

Week 10  Friday 17 March 2017  -  Joel Shapiro, University of Oxford
"Blockholder Voting" (with Heski Bar-Isaac)

Summer 2017

Week 1  Friday 28 March 2017  -  Edith Leung, Erasmus University Rotterdam
"Non-GAAP Earnings Disclosure in Loss Firms"

Week 3  Friday 12 May 2017  -  Raymond Kan, University of Toronto

Week 5  Wednesday 24 May 2017  -  Brad Badertscher, University of Notre Dame

Week 6  Friday 2 June 2017  -  Rajkamal Iyer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology