Current research seminars

Michaelmas term 2014

Week 1  Friday 10 October 2014 – Robert Korajczyk, Northwestern University, US
"Horizon Pricing" (with Avraham Kamara, Xiaoxia Lou and Ronnie Sadka)

Week 2  Friday 17 October 2014 – Stephen Brown, New York University
"Betting Against Beta or Demand for Lottery" (with Turan G Bali, Scott Murray and Yi Tang)

Week 4  Friday 31 October 2014 – Holger Daske, University of Mannheim, Germany
"A Tale of Two Regulators: Risk Disclosures, Liquidity, and Enforcement in the Banking Sector"

Week 6  Friday 14 November 2014 – Bruce Grundy, Melbourne University
"Can Socially Responsible Firms Survive Competition? An Analysis of Corporate Employee Matching Grants"

Week 7  Friday 21 November 2014 – Gaika Ormazabal Sanchez, IESE Business School, Spain
"Prosecuting Price-Fixing Cartels: The Role of Independent Directors" (with Murillo Campello and Daniel Ferres)

Week 8  Friday 28th November 2014 - Norvald Instefjord, Essex University
"Loan Monitoring and Bank Risk" (with Hiroyuki Nakata)

Week 9  Friday 5 December 2014 – Thorsten Sellhorn, University of Munich
"Recognition Versus Disclosure of Fair Values"

Lent Term 2015

Week 1  Friday 16 January 2015 - Huainan Zhao, Cranfield University
"Financial Leverage and Employee Death: Evidence from China's Coalmining Industry" (with Huihua Nie)

Week 2  Friday 23 January 2015 - Ana Albuquerque, Boston University
"Do Boards Exercise Discretion to Reduce Costly Ex Post Settling Up? (with Bingyi Chen, Qi (Flora) Dong and Edward J Riedl)

Week 3  Friday 30 January 2015 - Torben Andersen, Northwestern University, US
"High-Frequency Trading Invariants for Equity-Index Futures" (with Oleg Bondarenko, Albert S Kyle and Anna Obizhaeva)

Week 4  Friday 6 February 2015 - David Veredas, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
"The Emergence of Systemically Important Insurers" (with Mardi Dungey and Matteo Luciani)

Week 5  Friday 13 February 2015 - Alberto Manconi, Tilburg University, Nertherlands
"Learning and Synergies in Financial Markets: Evidence from Financial M&As" (with Mancy Luo and David Schumacher)

Week 6  Friday 20 February 2015 - Peter Ove Christensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
"Public Information and Efficient Capital Investments: Implications for the Cost of Capital and Firm Values" (with Hans Frimor)

Week 7  Friday 27 February 2015 (11.15am) - Asger Lunde, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
"Volatility and Firm Specific News Arrival" (with Robert F Engle and Martin Klint Hansen)

Week 8  Friday 6 March 2015 - Hans B Christensen, Chicago University
"The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration: Evidence from the Accounting Profession" (with Matthew J Bloomfield, Ulf Bruggemann and Christian Leuz)

Week 9  Friday 13 March 2015 - Gopal Krishnan, American University, US
"What Client and Auditor Attributes are Associated with Audit Adjustments?" 

Week 10  Friday 20 March 2015 - Meryem Duygun, University of Hull  **CANCELLED - TO BE RESCHEDULED**
"Is Ethical Money Sensitive to Past Returns? The Case of Portfolio Constraints and Persistence of Islamic Funds"


Summer Term 2015

Friday 17th April 2015  -  Linda Ann Myers, University of Arkansas
"Do Consulting Revenues Affect Audit Quality? Evidence from the Post-SOX Era" (with Ling Lei Lisic, Robert Pawlewicz and Timothy A Seidel)

Week 3  Friday 8th May 2015  -  Stephen Penman, Columbia University
"Connecting Book Rate of Return to Risk: The Information Conveyed by Conservative Accounting" (with Xiao-Jun Zhang)

Week 5  Friday 22nd May 2015  -  Kai Li, University of British Columbia Canada
"Do Director Elections Matter?" (with Vyacheslav Fos and Margarita Tsoutsoura)

Week 6  Friday 29th May 2015  -  Russ Wermers, Maryland University, US ** CANCELLED - TO BE RESCHEDULED **

Week 7  Friday 5th June 2015  -  Dimitris Andriosopoulos, University of Strathclyde
"To Overpay or Underpay? Payout Policy, Financial Distress and Investor Horizons" (with Amedeo De Cesari and Konstantinos Stathopoulos)

Week 8  Friday 12th June 2015  -  Anne Beatty, Ohio State University
"Does Loan Loss Provision Timeliness Affect the Accuracy, Informativeness, and Predictability of Analyst Provision Forecasts?" (with Scott Liao)

Week 9  Friday 19th June 2015  -  Fabio Braggion, Tilburg University
"International Liquidity Shocks, the Real Economy, and Social Unrest: China, 1931-1935" (with Alberto Manconi and Haikun Zhu)

Week 10 Friday 26th June 2015  -  Steven Ongena, University of Zurich
"A Global Lending Channel Unplugged? Does US Monetary Policy Affect Cross-border and Affiliate Lending by Global US Banks" (with Judit Temesvary and Ann L Owen)