Current research seminars

Michaelmas Term 2013

  • Week 1 Friday 11 October 2013 - Marcin Kacperczyk, Imperial College London 
    "Do Security Analysts Discipline Credit Rating Agencies?" (with Kingsley Fong, Harrison Hong and Jeffrey D Kubik)

  • Week 2  Friday 18th October 2013  -  Martin Jacob, WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management DE
    "Payout Policies of Privately Held Firms: Flexibility and the Role of Income Taxes" (with Annette Alstadsaeter)

  • Week 3 Friday 25 October 2013 - Chris Nobes, Royal Holloway, University of London
    "The Effects of IFRS Adoption on Cross-Country Variation in Book-Tax Conformity" (with Erlend Kvaal)

  • Week 4 Friday 1 November 2013 - Elizabeth Whalley, Warwick Business School
    "Future Option Grants"

  • Week 5 Friday 8 November 2013 - Simi Kedia, Ruthers University, USA
    "Did Going Public Impair Moody's Credit Ratings?" (with Shivaram Rajgopal and Xing Zhou)

  • Week 7 Friday 22 November 2013 - David Veenman, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
    “The Role of Earnings Forecast Uncertainty in Explaining Zero and Small Positive Earnings Surprises” (with Sanjay Bissessur)

  • Week 9 Friday 6 December 2013 - Linda Ann Myers, Univesity of Arkansas, USA
    “The Effect of Media Characteristics on Analyst Forecast Properties: Cross-Country Evidence”

Lent Term 2014

  • Week 3 Friday 31 January 2014 - Enrique Schroth, Cass Business School
    "Debt Negotiation and Investment Decisions Across Countries" (with Giovanni Favara, Erwan Morellec and Philip Valta)

  • Week 5 Friday 14 February 2014 - Ning Gao, Manchester Business School 
    "Acquirer Liquidity and Long-Term Performance (with Weimin Liu) 

  • Week 6 Friday 21 February 2014 - Soosung Hwang, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea 
    “Overconfidence, Ambiguity Aversion, and Excess Arbitrage Trading” (with Min Hwang and Sanha Noh)

  • Week 8 Friday 7 March 2014  -  Laura Delaney, City University
    “The Impact of Voluntary Disclosure on a Firm’s Investment Policy” (with Jacco JJ Thijssen)

Summer 2014

  • Week 3 Friday 9 May 2014 - John Campbell, Harvard University, USA
    "Monetary Policy Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks" (with C Pflueger and LM Viceira)

  • Week 4 Friday 16 May 2014 - Hening Liu, Manchester Business School
    “Growth Uncertainty, Generalised Disappointment Aversion and Production-based Asset Pricing” (with Jianjun Miao)

  • Week 6 Friday 30 May 2014 - Lisa Goh, London School of Economics
    “Compensation disclosure, say on pay, and the disappearance of executives from boards of directors” (with Yasmine Chahed)  
  • Week 7 Friday 6 June 2014 - Daniel W Collins, University of Iowa, USA
    "Financial Statement Comparability and the Efficiency of Acquisition Decisions" (with Ciao-Wei Chen, Todd Kravet and Rick Mergenthaler)

  • Week 8 Friday 13 June 2014 - Valeri Nikolaev, University of Chicago
    “Deflating Profitability” (with Ray Ball, Joseph Gerakos, and Juhani T Linnainmaa)

  • Week 10  Friday 27 June 2014 - Xin Chang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    “Patents and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Global Patent Awards” (with R David McLean, Bohui Zhang and Wenrui Zhang)