Past research seminars


11 October 2013 - Marcin Kacperczyk, Imperial College London 
"Do Security Analysts Discipline Credit Rating Agencies?" (with Kingsley Fong, Harrison Hong and Jeffrey D Kubik)

18 October 2013  -  Martin Jacob, WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management DE
"Payout Policies of Privately Held Firms: Flexibility and the Role of Income Taxes" (with Annette Alstadsaeter)

25 October 2013 - Chris Nobes, Royal Holloway, University of London
"The Effects of IFRS Adoption on Cross-Country Variation in Book-Tax Conformity" (with Erlend Kvaal)

1 November 2013 - Elizabeth Whalley, Warwick Business School
"Future Option Grants"

8 November 2013 - Simi Kedia, Ruthers University, USA
"Did Going Public Impair Moody's Credit Ratings?" (with Shivaram Rajgopal and Xing Zhou)

22 November 2013 - David Veenman, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
“The Role of Earnings Forecast Uncertainty in Explaining Zero and Small Positive Earnings Surprises” (with Sanjay Bissessur)

6 December 2013 - Linda Ann Myers, Univesity of Arkansas, USA
“The Effect of Media Characteristics on Analyst Forecast Properties: Cross-Country Evidence”

31 January 2014 - Enrique Schroth, Cass Business School
"Debt Negotiation and Investment Decisions Across Countries" (with Giovanni Favara, Erwan Morellec and Philip Valta)

21 February 2014 - Soosung Hwang, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea 
“Overconfidence, Ambiguity Aversion, and Excess Arbitrage Trading” (with Min Hwang and Sanha Noh)

7 March 2014  -  Laura Delaney, City University
“The Impact of Voluntary Disclosure on a Firm’s Investment Policy” (with Jacco JJ Thijssen)

9 May 2014 - John Campbell, Harvard University, USA
"Monetary Policy Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks" (with C Pflueger and LM Viceira)

16 May 2014 - Hening Liu, Manchester Business School
“Growth Uncertainty, Generalised Disappointment Aversion and Production-based Asset Pricing” (with Jianjun Miao)

30 May 2014 - Lisa Goh, London School of Economics
“Compensation disclosure, say on pay, and the disappearance of executives from boards of directors” (with Yasmine Chahed)  

6 June 2014 - Daniel W Collins, University of Iowa, USA
"Financial Statement Comparability and the Efficiency of Acquisition Decisions" (with Ciao-Wei Chen, Todd Kravet and Rick Mergenthaler)

13 June 2014 - Valeri Nikolaev, University of Chicago
“Deflating Profitability” (with Ray Ball, Joseph Gerakos, and Juhani T Linnainmaa)

27 June 2014 - Xin Chang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
“Patents and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Global Patent Awards” (with R David McLean, Bohui Zhang and Wenrui Zhang)

2012 - 2013

14 June 2013   Juhani Linnainmaa, University of Chicago "Common Factors in Stock Market Seasonalities", (with Matti Keloharju and Peter Nyberg)

7 June 2013   Marie Dutordoir, Manchester Business School "Self-Selection and Stock Returns Around Corporate Security Offering Announcements", (with Laurie Simon Hodrick)

17 May 2013   Ruediger Fahlenbrach, Ecole Polytechnique Federele de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland "Trust Preferred Securities and Regulatory Arbitrage", (with Nicole Boyson and Rene M Stulz)

10 May 2013   Antonio Davila, IESE Business School, Spain "Ratching Effect and the Role of Relative Target Setting", (with Carmen Aranda and Javier Arellano)

26 April 2013     Viral Acharya, New York University "The Greatest Carry Trade Ever?  Understanding Eurozone Bank Risks", (with Sascha Steffen)

1 March 2013    Paul Andre, ESSEC Business School, France "The Voluntary Adoption of IFRS by UK Unlisted Firms", (with Fani Kaligorou, Peter Walton and Dan Yang)

22 February 2013   Jo Horton, Exeter University "The Role of Disclosure in Building Trust for Innovators: A Network Analysis", (with George Serafeim and Irem Tuna)

25 January 2013   Francesca Franco, London Business School "Trends in Executive Gender Pay Gaps: The Role of Females' Risk Aversion and Board Composition", (with Mary Ellen Carter and Mireia Gine)

30 November 2012   Viktor Todorov, Northwestern University, USA "Parametric Inference and Dynamic State Recovery from Option Panels", (with Torben G Anderson and Nicola Fusari)

14 December 2012   Chendi Zhang, Warwick Business School "Information Sharing, Creditor Rights, and Corporate Debt Maturity", (with Marco Sorge and Kostas Koufopoulos)

7 December 2012   Bea Garcia, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain "Accounting Conservatism and the Limits to Earnings Managment", (with Juan Manuel Garcia Lara and Fernando Penalva)

23 November 2012   Philip Molyneux, Bangor University UK "Small Banks and Local Economic Development".

9th November 2012   Piotr Korczak, University of Bristol "Insider Attributes and Profitability of Insider Trading"

2 November 2012   Giulia Iori, City University "Informatino Theoretic Description of the e-Mid Interbank Market: Implications for Systemic Risk", (with Vasilis Hatzopoulos)

26 October 2012   Daniel Giamouridis, Athens University of Economics & Business "Stock Return Predictability of Cross-Market Deviations in Option Prices and Credit Default Swap Spreads" (with Georgios Angelopoulos and Georgios Nikolakakis)

19 October 2012   Ilya Strebulaev, Stanford GSB "An (S,s) Model of Capital Structure: Theory and Evidence" (with Arthur Korteweg)

12 October 2012   Jeff Burks, University of Notre Dame, USA "The Market Pricing of Other-Than-Temporary Impairments", (with Brad A Badertscher and Peter D Easton)   

2011 - 2012 

22 June 2012   Douglas Cumming, York University, Schulich School of Business, Canada
"Exchange Trading Rules, Surveillance and Insider Trading", (with Feng Zhan and Michael Aitken).

15 June 2012   Joshua Ronen, Stern School of Business New York University
"Unfair "Fair Value" in an Opaque Credit Default Swap Market: How Marketing-to-Market pushed the International Credit Crunch", (with Alex K Dontoh, Fayez A Elayan and Tavy Ronen).

8 June 2012   Mara Faccio, Purdue University, USA
"Taxes and Capital Structure", (with Jin Xu)

1 June 2012   Ane Tamayo, London School of Economics
"How do Industry Peers Respond to Control Threats?"

25 May 2012   Ann Tarca, University of Western Australia
"Mandatory Adoption of IFRS and Analysts' Forecasts: How Much Does Enforcement Matter?" (with John Preiato and Philip Brown).

22 May 2012   Katherine Schipper, Duke University, USA
"Evidence that Market Participants Assess Recognized and Disclosed Items Similarly when Reliability is not an Issue"

4 May 2012   Colin Mayer, University of Oxford
"Regulatory Sanctions and Reputational Damage in Financial Markets", (with John Armour and Andrea Polo)

9 March 2012   Thomas Jeanjean, ESSEC, France
"Does Adoption of IAS/IFRS Deter Earnings Management?" (with Vedran Capkun and Daniel W Collins) 

10 February 2012   Peter Szilagyi, University of Cambridge
"The Board of Directors in the Governance of Hedge Funds"

3 February 2012    Theo Vermaelen, INSEAD France
"Contingent Capital: The Case of Coercs" (with George Pennacchi and Christian CP Wolff)

27 January 2012   David Johnstone, University of Sydney
"Information Risk in Decision Theory and Asset Pricing"

20 January 2012   Vicky Henderson, Oxford-Man Institute
"Executive Stock Options: Portfolio Effects"

9 December 2011   Mark Bradshaw, Boston College, USA
"Opacity, Crash Risk and Option Smirk Curves" (with Amy P Hutton, Alan J Marcus and Hassan Tehranian)

2 December 2011   Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame
"Dissecting Earnings Recognition Timeliness" (with Ryan Ball)

18 November 2011   Chris Chapman, Imperial College, London
"Transparency as an Antecedent to Accuracy and Efficiency in Cost System Design:  Evidence from the Field" (with Dr Anja Kern) 

11 November 2011   Evgeny Lyandres, Boston University, USA
"Strategic Cash Holdings and R&D Competition: Theory and Evidence" (with Dino Palazzo)

28 October 2011   Paul Schneider, Warwick Business School
"The Skew Risk Premium in Index Option Prices", (with Roman Kozhan and Anthony Neuberger)

14 October 2011   Suleyman Basak, London Business School
"Asset Prices and Institutional Investors", (with Anna Pavlova) 

2010 - 2011

10 June 2011   Eilnaz Kashefi Pour, Cass Business School
"The Impact of Leverage on the Delisting Decision of AIM Companies" (with Meziane Lasfer and Maria Carapeto)

27 May 2011   Marta Szymanowska, Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands
"Creating Value or Adding Noise: the Role of Persistent Predictors in Asset Pricing" (with Devraj Basu)

13 May 2011   Tarun Ramadorai, Said Business School, Oxford
"On the Dynamics of Hedge Fund Risk Exposures"

5 April 2011   Rui Albuquerque, Boston University, USA
"Skewness in Stock Returns:  Reconciling the Evidence on Firm versus Aggregate Returns"

1st April 2011   Martin ConyonWharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
"Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance in China" (with Lerong He)

30 March 2011   Sven Modell, Manchester Business School
"Power and Performance: Institutional Embeddedness and Performance Management in a Chinese Local Government Organization" (with ChunLei Yang)

11 March 2011   Per Olsson, Duke University, USA
"Peer Firm Selection for Discretionary Accruals Models" (with Frank Ecker, Jennifer Francis and Katherine Schipper)

25 February 2011   Mohan Venkatachalam, Duke University, USA
"Analyzing Speech to Detect Financial Misreporting" (with Jesson L Hobson and William J Mayew)

4 February 2011   Mike Burkart, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden with Samuel Lee, Stern School, NYU)
"Smart Buyers"

28 January 2011   Peter Fiechter, University of Zurich, Switzerland (with Zoltan Novotny-Farkas, University of Frankfurt)
"The Pricing of Fair Values during the Financial Crisis: Evidence from an International Setting"

10 December 2010   Andrea Gamba, Warwick Business School
"Disintegrating Risk Management" (with Alexander J Triantis)

3 December 2010   Michael Brennan, University of California at Los Angeles, USA
"Predicting The Market Using Information From Equity Portfolio Returns" (with Alex P Taylor, Manchester University)

19 November 2010  Karl Lins, University of Utah, USA
"Shareholder Voting and Corporate Governance Around the World" (with Peter Iliev, Darius P Miller and Lukas Roth)

5 November 2010   Daniel Ferreira, London School of Economics
"Boards of Banks" (with Tom Kirchmaier and Daniel Mertzger)

29 October 2010   Mary Ellen Carter, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, USA
"Premium Pay for Executive Talent: An Empirical Analysis"

14 October 2010   AJ Ostaszewski, London School of Economics
"Inference from Non-Disclosure:  Assessing Precision in Managerial Vision" (with Miles B Gietzmann, Cass Business School)


17 June 2010   Jennifer Carpenter, Stern School of Business, NYU USA
"Estimation of Employee Stock Option Exercise Rates and Firm Cost" (with Richard Stanton and Nancy Wallace)

12 May 2010   Phillip Stocken, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, USA
"Managerial Reporting, Overconfidence, and Litigation Risk" (with Volker Laux)

7 May 2010   Laurence van Lent, Tilburg, Netherlands
"Equity Ownership and Campaign Financing of Members of Congress and the Bailout of the Financial Sector" (with Ahmed Tahoun)

3 March 2010   Ross Watts, MIT, USA
"Evidence from Goodwill Non-Impairments on the Effects of Using Unverifiable Estimates in Financial Reporting" (with Karthik Ramanna)

19 February 2010   Gilad Livne, Cass Business School
"Mandatory Auditor Rotation, Accounting Conservatism and the Mandatory Adoption of IFRS" (with Angela Pettinicchio)

12 February 2010   Richard Priestley, Norwegian School of Management (BI)
"Dividend Smoothing and Predictability" (with Long Chen and Zhi Da)

27 January 2010   Neng Wang, Columbia University, USA
"A Unified Theory of Tobin's q Corporate Investment, Financing, and Risk Management" (with Patrick Bolton and Hui Chen)

20 January 2010   Wayne Landsman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Market Reaction to Financial Asset Impairments during the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008" (with Dan Amiram, Ken Peasnell and Catherine Shakespeare)

13 January 2010   Richard Stapleton, University of Manchester
"Cautiousness and Demand for Options" (with James Huang)

2 December 2009   Martin Glaum, Justus-Leibig Universitat Giessen Germany
"Earnings Smoothing Via Provisions:  The Role of Accounting Standards and Reporting Incentives" (with Stefanie Kaiser and Jens Lindemann)

20 November 2009   Sohnke Bartram, Lancaster University
"Crossing the Lines:  The Relation Betweem Exchange Rate Exposure and Stock Returns in Emerging and Developed Markets" (with Gordon M Bodnar)

11 November 2009   Thomas Noe, Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK
"Product Market Efficiency:  Te Bright Side of Myopic, Uninformed, and Passive External Finance" (with Michael J Rebello and Thomas A Rietz)

6 November 2009   Douglas Skinner, University of Chicago
"What Should GAAP Look Like?  A Survey and Economic Analysis" (with SP Kothari and Karthik Ramanna)

23 October 2009   Toni Whited, Simon School, University of Rochester, USA
"Capital Structure Dynnamics and Transitory Debt" (with Harry DeAngelo and Linda DeAngelo)


27 May 2009   Olaf Korn, University of Goettingen
"The term structure of illiquidity premia"

22 May 2009   Gopal Krishnan, Lehigh University, USA
"You get what you pay for: An examination of audit quality when audit fee is low" (with P Gupta and W Yu)

13 May 2009    Robert Kosowski, Imperial College
"When there is no place to hide: Correlation risk and the cross-section of hedge fund returns" (with A Buraschi and F Trojani)

8 May 2009   Shuping Chen, University of Texas at Austin
"Conservatism and monitoring by founding family owners" (with X Chen, Q Cheng, A Hutton)

1 May 2009    Kevin McMeeking, University of Exeter
"Competition, choice and governance in the UK audit market: Interview evidence" and "Rugged landscapes: K and N values for Big 4 and mid-tier professional firms in the UK" (with R.F. Baskerville)

23 April 2009    Long Chen, Washington University St Louis
"Understanding the value and size premia: What can we learn from stock migrations?" (with Xinlei Zhao)

18 March 2009   Hassan Naqvi, National University of Sinagpore
"The seeds of a crisis: A theory of bank liquidity and risk-taking over the business cycle" (with Viral Acharya)

11 March 2009   Irem Tuna, London Business School
"Management forecast credibility and underreaction to news" (with Jeffrey Ng and Rodrigo Verdi)

4 March 2009    Karl Muller, The Pennsylvania State University
"Insider trading and fair value estimates: Evidence from goodwill impairments under SFAS 142" (with Monica Neamtiu and Edward Riedl)

25 February 2009    Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics
"Serial CEO incentives and the structure of managerial contracts"

18 February 2009   Shahid Ebrahim, University of Nottingham
"On the efficiency of the UPREIT organizational form: Implications for the subprime crisis and CDO's" (with Ike Mathur)

13 February 2009    Catherine Shakespeare, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
"The limits of empire: Asset churning and CEO compensation" (with Lian-Fen Lee and James P. Walsh)

6 February 2009    Paul Kalyta, University of Ottawa
"Psychoanalytical theory of economic behavior"

28 January 2009   Massimo Guidolin, Manchester Business School
"Regime shifts in empirical pricing kernels: A mixture CAPM"

21 January 2009   Ernst Maug, University of Mannheim
"How do executives exercise stock options?" (with Daniel Klein)

11 December 2008    Mary Barth, Stanford University
"Why do some firms' consensus analyst earnings forecasts exclude stock-based compensation expense?" (with Ian Gow and Daniel Taylor)

3 December 2008    Liz Demers, INSEAD
"Soft information in earnings announcements: News or noise?" (with Clara Vega)

19 November 2008    Frank de Jong, Tilburg University
"Derivative pricing with liquidity risk: Theory and evidence from the credit default swap market" (with Dion Bongaerts and Joost Driessen)

12 November 2008   Heitor Almeida, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"The structure and formation of business groups: Evidence from Korean Chaebols" (with Sang Yong Park, Marti Subrahmanyam and Daniel Wolfenzon)

7 November 2008   Sofie Van der Meulen, Tilburg University
"Mandatory adoption of IFRS and stock price informativeness"

29 October 2008   Denis Gromb, INSEAD
"Imperfect competition in the interbank market for liquidity as a rationale for central banking" (with V. Acharya)

24 October 2008   Ole-Kristian Hope, University of Toronto
"The effect of disclosure on the pay-performance relation" (with G De Franco and S Larocque)

17 October 2008   Nick Taylor, Cardiff Business School
"Decomposing analyst boldness" (with S Mira)


14 May 2008
"Equity deferral elections by corporate outside directors"
Francesca Franco (London Business School)

1 May 2008
"The value of earnings comparability" (with Gus De Franco and Rodrigo Verdi)
S.P. Kothari (MIT Sloan School School of Management)

25 April 2008
"Estimating the implied risk neutral density for the U.S. market portfolio"
Stephen Figlewski (New York University Stern School of Business)

7 March 2008
"Debt, bargaining, and credibility in firm-supplier relationships (with Dmitry Livdan)
Chris Hennessy (University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business)

27 February 2008
"Initial evidence on the role of accounting earnings in the bond market (with Peter Easton and Florin Vasvari)
Steven Monahan (INSEAD, France)

15 February 2008
"Endogenous financial fragility and prudential regulation" (with J.A.C. Santos)
Charles Kahn (University of Illinois - Urbana - Champaign)

30 January 2008
"Stock price synchronicity and liquidity"
Kalok Chan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

16 January 2008
"The information conveyed in successive trades by the same broker"
David Johnstone (University of Sydney)

5 December 2007
"Cash versus accrual accounting and the availability and cost of debt" (with Ken Cavalluzzo and Christopher Ittner)
Gavin Cassar (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

28 November 2007
"ASIC actions: Canaries for poor corporate governance?" (with Raymond da Silva Rosa and Jennifer Filippetto)
Ann Tarca (The University of Western Australia)

21 November 2007
"Laying off credit risk: loan sales versus credit default swaps" (with Andrew Winton)
Christine Parlour (University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business)

16 November 2007
"Overcoming overhang: agency costs, investment and the option to repurchase debt"
Brandon Julio (London Business School)

14 November 2007
"CEO reputation and corporate governance"
Christo Karuna (University of California at Irvine)

7 November 2007
"Mandatory IFRS Reporting Around the World: Early Evidence on the Economic Consequences" (with L Hail, C Leuz and R Verdi)
Holger Daske (University of Mannheim)

2 November 2007
"Are CEOs Bidding for Higher Pay? Evidence from firms that make serial acquisitions" (with Jian Huang)
Sudi Sudarsanam (Cranfield University)

26 October 2007
"The impact of corporate governance on the disclosure of manager-adjusted non-GAAP earnings" (with Ross Jennings)
Ana Marques (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

17 October 2007
"Equity trading and the allocation of market data revenue" (with Cecilia Caglio)
Stewart Mayhew (US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC))


16 May 2007
"Does earnings management affect firms' investment decisions?" (with Maureen F. McNichols)
Steve Stubben (University of North Carolina, USA)

2 May 2007
"Seasoned equity offerings: quality of accounting information and expected flotation costs"
Ronald Masulis (Vanderbilt University, USA)

14 March 2007
"Monetary policy strategy and the term structure of nominal interest rates"
Yvan Lengwiler (University of Basle, Switzerland)

7 March 2007
"Earnings thresholds and market responses"
Francois Degeorge (University of Lugano, Switzerland)

28 February 2007
"Tax incentives for inefficient executive pay and reward for luck"
Robert Göx (Universität Fribourg, Switzerland)

21 February 2007
"Behavioral and rational explanations of stock price performance around SEOs: Evidence from a decomposition of market-to-book ratios"
Michael Hertzel (Arizona State University, USA)

14 February 2007
"The debt-contracting value of accounting information and loan syndicate structure"
Florin Vasvari (London Business School)

24 January 2007
"Acquirer returns in acquisitions of privately held targets"
Annette Poulsen (University of Georgia, USA)

6 December 2006
Effect of analysts' optimism on estimates of the expected rate of return implied by earnings forecasts
Peter Easton (Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, USA)

29 November 2006
"Knowhow, core competencies, and the choice between merging, allying, and buying assets" (with Michel A. Habib)
Pierre Mella-Barral (HEC Paris, France)

22 November 2006
"Management forecasts bundled with negative earnings surprises: credibility-building versus opportunism" (with Andrew Van Buskirk)
Jonathan Rogers (Chicago GSB, United States)

15 November 2006
"Time-varying liquidity in hedge fund returns" (with Sheng Li)
Andrew Patton (LSE, UK)

8 November 2006
"Stock price informativeness, cross listings and investment decisions"
Thierry Foucault (HEC Paris, France)

25th October 2006
Lessons from hedge fund registration
Stephen Brown (Stern Business School, NYU)

18th October 2006
Production and hedging implications of executive compensation schemes
Sagi Akron and Simon Benninga (Tel Aviv University)

13th October 2006
On the analysis of firms' cash flows
James Ohlson (Arizona State University)

27th September 2006
Case study research in accounting
David Cooper (University of Alberta, Canada)


17th May 2006
Cross-sectional variation in stock returns: liquidity and idiosyncratic risk
Matthew Spiegel (Yale School of Management)

20th March 2006
The accuracy of analysts' dividend forecasts around the world
Phil Brown (University of New South Wales and University of Western Australia)

15th March 2006
Do bankruptcy codes matter?  A study of defaults in France, Germany and the UK
Julian Franks (London Business School)

10th March 2006
Explaining corporate governance: boards, bylaws, charter and state provisions
Laura Starks (University of Texas)

3rd March 2006
Choosing an analyst in a theoretical betting market
David Johnstone (University of Sydney)

24th February 2006
The pricing of earnings and cash flows and an affirmation of accrual accounting
Stephen Penman (University of Columbia, USA)

15th February 2006
Do sell-side analysts exhibit differential target price forecasting ability?
Mark Bradshaw (Harvard Business School)

7th December 2005
On the impact of conservative accounting principles in abnormal earnings growth modelling and residual income valuation modelling
Beate Juettner-Nauroth (Deutsche Bundesbank)

30th November 2005
The relationship between leadership behaviour and the use of performance measures: a test of antecedents and consequences
Frank Hartmann (RSM/ERIM Rotterdam)

23rd November 2005
Personal credit and personal bankruptcy when the lender is more sophisicated
Roman Inderst (London School of Economics)

16th November 2005
Does stock price synchronicity represent firm-specific information?  The international evidence
Ryan Lafond (Sloan School of Management, MIT)

9th November 2005
Option-implied correlations and the price of correlation risk
Joost Driessen (University of Amsterdam)

28 October 2005
Irreversible investment in general equilibrium
Erwan Morellec (HEC Lausanne, Switzerland)

19 October 2005
The value premium and changeing expectations: on the growth of value stocks and the value of growth stocks
Tessa Wouters (Groningen University)


3 June 2005
Asset allocation given non-market wealth and rollover risks
Harris Schlesinger (University of Alabama)

20 April 2005
Do asymmetric and nonlinear adjustments explain the forward premium anomaly?
Richard Baillie (Michigan State University)

9 March 2005
The curious incident of the investment in the market: gambling and real options
Victoria Henderson (Princeton)

2 February 2005
The association between the uncertainty of future economic benefits and current R&D and capital expenditures: an industry analysis
Eli Amir (London Business School)

26 January 2005
Call options and accruals quality
Per Olsson (Duke University)

19 January 2005
Rational stock-market fluctuations
Antonio Mele (London School of Economics)

8 December 2004
Bank loan losses-given-default, empirical evidence
Jean Dermine (INSEAD)

1 December 2004
The role of risk management and governance in determining audit demand
Marleen Willekens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

24 November 2004
Cross-sectional learning and short-run persistence in mutal fund performance
Marno Verbeek (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

19 November 2004
Cost of capital and cash flows effects of US cross-listings
Christian Leuz (University of Pennsylvania)

10 November 2004
Access, common agency, and board size
Dhananjay Nanda (Duke University)

5 November 2004
Differential market reaction to good and bad news - the case of the going-concern opinion
Richard Taffler (Cranfield University)

27 October 2004
Mutual fund flows and optimal manager replacement
Josef Zechner (Vienna University)

22 October 2004
The industry life cycle and acquisitions and investment: does firm organization matter?
Gordon Phillips (University of Maryland, USA)

13 October 2004
Selection biases and cross-market trading cost comparisons
Hank Bessembinder (University of Utah)


16 June 2004
What valuation models do analysts use?
Martin Walker (University of Manchester)

19 May 2004
Corporate innovation as an explanation for price momentum in equity returns
Maria Vassalou (Columbia University)

12 May 2004
Conditional and unconditional conservatism: concepts and modelling
Stephen Ryan (New York University)

5 May 2004
Is the forward bias economically small? Evidence from intra-ERM rates
Piet Sercu (KU Leuven)

30 April 2004
Hedging, speculation and shareholder value
Tim Adam (University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)

28 April 2004
Ownership and control in joint ventures: theory and evidence
Ulrich Hege (HEC Paris)

21 April 2004
The effects of corporate governance on firms’ credit ratings
Hollis Ashbaugh (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

10 March 2004
Multi-Market Trading and Liquidity: Theory and Evidence
Michael Lemmon (University of Utah, USA)

3 March 2004
Voluntary Disclosure of Information when Firms are Uncertain of the Investor’s Response to Disclosure
Jeroen Suijs (Tilburg University, Netherlands)

27 February 2004
Heterogeneous Beliefs, Trading Risk and the Equity Premium
Alexander David (Washington University, USA)

18 February 2004
Credit Risk Transfer and Financial Sector Performance
Wolf Wagner (Cambridge)

11 February 2004
Analysis of the Turkish Overnight Liquidity Crisis
Jon Danielsson (LSE)

6 February 2004
Estimating time varying risk premia in the equity market
Alex Taylor (Manchester Business School)

28 January 2004
Bids and Allocations in European IPO Bookbuilding
Tim Jenkinson (Oxford University)

21 January 2004
Measuring Financial Contagion: A Copula Approach
Juan Carlos Rodriguez (EURANDOM, Netherlands)

5 December 2003
Should pension funds invest in equities - A modified general equilibrium approach
Shahid Ebrahim (University of Nottingham)

26 November 2003
Management accounting as process and practice
Chris Chapman (Said Business School, University of Oxford)

19 November 2003
Revenue investment, accounting conservatism and the valuation of loss making firms
John McCallig (University College Dublin)

5 November 2003
Hedging and product market decisions
Antonio S Mello (University of Wisconsin)

31 October 2003
Organizational structure and conservatism in financial reporting
Aloke Ghosh (SEC)

22 October 2003
Portfolio selection with parameter and model uncertainty
Raman Uppal (LBS)

10 October 2003
Portfolio preferences of foreign institutional investors
Peter Wysocki (MIT)


5 June 2003
Auditor independence and non-audit services: what do restatements suggest?
William Kinney (University of Texas at Austin)

30 May 2003
The dynamics of international equity market expectations
Michael Brennan (UCLA)

16 May 2003
Bids and allocations in European IPO bookbuilding
Tim Jenkinson (Oxford University)

14 March 2003

Hidden actions, agents with non-separable utility and wealth-robust intertemporal incentive contracts
Suresh Govindaraj (Rutgers University)

7 March 2003
Risk management implications of alternative methods of accounting for joint ventures: evidence from Canada and UK
Kazbi Kothavala (London School of Economics)

28 February 2003
Lateral relations: management control of relationships within and between organisations
Robert Scapens (Manchester University)

21 February 2003
Earnings management: a European analysis
Holger Daske (Frankfurt)

14 February 2003
The implications of FRS3 for users of accounting information
Joanne Horton (London School of Economics and Political Sciences)

7 February 2003
The timing and terms of mergers motivated by economies of scale
Bart M Lambrecht (University of Cambridge JIMS)

3 February 2003
Extremal dependence and new challenges in finance
Ser-Huang Poon (Strathclyde University)

31 January 2003
Manipulation, the allocational role of prices and production externatlities
Alexander Guembel (University of Oxford)

24 January 2003
Process or opportunities: management control perceptions by Mainland Chinese, Czech and British managers
Dermot Williamson (Lancaster University)

17 January 2003
Pseudo-Risk-Neutral valuation relationships and the pricing of options
Richard Stapleton (University of Manchester)

6 December 2002
Corporate Financing Decisions: Survey Evidence
Alan Goodacre (Stirling University)

29 November 2002
Why do Corporate Insiders Trade? The UK Evidence
Meziane Lasfer (City University)

22 November 2002
The Expected Returns on Debt and the Equity Risk Premium
Ian Cooper (London Business School)

15 November 2002
Corporate Control, Discretionary Accruals and Board Composition in the UK Life Insurance Industry: Some Evidence from Audit Pricing
Paul Klumpes (Warwick University)

13 November 2002 (Wednesday seminar)
Underinvestment, Capital Structure and Strategic Debt Restructuring
Grzegorz Pawlina (Tilburg University)

8 November 2002
Private to Public MBOs – The Role of Venture Capitalists
Ranco Jelic (Birmingham University)

1 November 2002
Heterogeneity of Investors and Asset Pricing in a Risk-Value World
Guenter Franke (Konstanz University)

25 October 2002
Ane Tamayo (London Business School)

18 October 2002
The Anomalous Long-Run Market Under-Reaction to Going-Concern Audit Report Disclosures
Richard Taffler (Cranfield University)


31 May 2002
The impact of intraday timing of earnings announcements on market liquidity
Marteen Pronk (Tilburg University)

17 May 2002
Large price declines, news, liquidity, and trading strategies: an intraday analysis
Frank Fehle (University of South Carolina)

19 April 2002
Irrational pricing of perceived managerial quality in closed-end funds: evidence from the United Kingdom
Michael Bleaney (University of Nottingham)

22 March 2002
Is bargaining in Chapter 11 costly?
Maria Carapeto (City University)

15 March 2002
Return-Volume Dependence and Extremes in International Equity Markets
Niklas Wagner (University of Dresden, Germany)

8 March 2002
Re-Thinking the Power of Modern Management: Beyond Foucault
Keith Hoskin (Warwick Business School)

1 March 2002
Model Misspecification and Under-Diversification
Raman Uppal (London Business School)

22 February 2002
An Alternative to the Feltham-Ohlson Valuation Framework
Miles Gietzmann (University of Bristol)

15 February 2002
Trading by Directors around the Expiry of Lock-in Agreements in UK IPO's
Marc Goergen (UMIST)

8 February 2002
Corporate Ownership Structure and the Evolution of Bankruptcy Law
John Armour (Cambridge University)

1 February 2002
Are Chairmen Replaced at the time of CEO Turnover?: an Empirical Investigation into UK Quoted Companies
Annita Florou (London Business School)

25 January 2002
Achieving International Harmonisation through Accounting Policy Choice
Ann Tarca (University of Western Australia)

7 December 2001
The Confrontation on International Accounting Standards
Professor Steve Zeff (Rice University)

5 December 2001
The Determinants of Debt Maturity: Evidence from Eurobond Issues by UK companies
Miss Maria Correia (University of Strathclyde)

30 November 2001
Corporate Risks and Property Insurance: Evidence from the People's Republic of China
Mr Joe Hong (University of Wales)

23 November 2001
Returns Sensitivity to Industry Shocks: Evidence on the "in" efficient use of internal capital markets
Dr Jan Mahrt Smith (London Business School)

16 November 2001
Diversification and taxes: evidence from the taxation of capital gains and losses
Professor Doug Shackleford (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

9 November 2001
A normative model for shareholder value accounting
Professor Colin Clubb (Imperial College)

10 October 2001
What Happens when you Regulate Risk? Evidence from a Simple Equilibrium Model
Dr Jean Pierre Zigrand (joint with Jon Danielsson) (London School of Economics)

19 October 2001
Analysts' Dividend Forecasts
Professor Phil Brown (University of Western Australia)


1 June 2001
State Shareholding and the Value of China's Firms
George Tian (London Business School)

18 May 2001
Endogenous Derivation of Expected Market Shares in Duopoly: A Real Options Approach
Andrianos Tsekrekos (Lancaster University)

11 May 2001
Financial Analysts and the Pricing of Accruals
Mary Barth (Stanford University)

4 May 2001
Residual Income and Value-Creation: The Missing Link
John O'Hanlon and Ken Peasnell (Lancaster University)

9 March 2001
Determinants of Audit Reports in the UK
J C Ireland (University of Bristol)

2 March 2001
Is Stock Price a Good Measure for Assessing Value-Relevance of Earnings? An Empirical Test
Professor Joshua Ronen (New York University)

23 February 2001
Brokerage Commissions and Pre-disclosure Information Environment
Professos Gilad Livne (London Business School)

16 February 2001
Domestic versus International Integration in the Process of Financial Liberalisation
Dr Gulnur Muradoglu (University of Manchester)

9 February 2001
Revision of Earnings Forecasts and Security Returns: Evidence from Three Countries
Professor Krishna Paudyal (University of Durham)

2 February 2001
Are Analysts Forecasts of Corporate Profits Rational? Further Evidence
Dr William Forbes (University of Manchester)

26 January 2001
Volatility forecasting
Dr James Taylor (University of Oxford)

6 December 2000
Information and capital flows: the determinants of transactions in financial assets
Professor Richard Portes (London Business School)

24 November 2000
Foreign acquisitions and management control systems: evidence from an Anglo-German case study
Professor Tony Appleyard (University of Newcastle)

17 November 2000
Do firms mis-lead investors by overstating earnings around equity offerings
Professor Shivakumar (London Business School)

10 November 2000
Knowing more is knowing less? Alternative histories of cost and management accounting in the US and the UK
Professor Keith Hoskin (University of Warwick)

3 November 2000
On value, size and short termism
Professor Neil Garrod (University of Glasgow)

27 October 2000
Factors influencing reporting on social and ethical issues: theory and practice
Professors Carol Adams (University of Glasgow)

20 October 2000
The timing and terms of takeovers under uncertainty
Dr Bart Lambrecht (University of Cambridge)

13 October 2000
The market perception of corporate claims
Professor Terry Warfield (University of Winconsin)


9 June 2000
Accounting-based Valuation, Accounting Betas and Equity Returns
Professor Peter Pope (Lancaster University)

2 June 2000
Controlling Government Expenditure: The Pioneering 1921-22 Geddes "Axe" Committee
Professor Geoffrey Burrows (University of Melbourne)

19 May 2000
The Realised Volatility of FTSE-100 Futures Prices
Professor Stephen Taylor (Lancaster University)

12 May 2000
Semiparametric Estimation of a Characteristic-based Factor Model of Stock Returns
Dr Gregory Connor (London School of Economics)

5 May 2000
Estimating the R&D Intangible Asset
Professor Joshua Livnat (New York University)

24 March 2000
Simultaneous Estimation of Cost of Capital and Growth Using Forecasts of Earnings
Peter Easton (Ohio State University)

17 March 2000
Do Companies Successfully Engage in Opinion-Shopping?
Dr Clive Lennox (University of Bristol)

10 March 2000
Post-Earnings Announcement Drift: Further UK Evidence
Professor Norman Strong (University of Manchester)

3 March 2000
Syndication of Venture Capital Investments
Professor Mike Wright (University of Nottingham)

18 February 2000
The Market Response to the Recognition of Bad Debts: Contagion Effects and Competitive Effects in Bank Stock Prices Following Loan Write-Offs
Professor Stuart McLeay (University of Wales, Bangor)

9 February 2000
Top Executive Appointments Border Structure and Directors Incentives
Dr Jay Dahya (University of Wales, Cardiff)

21 January 2000
Performance Measurement of UK Pension Funds
Professor Ian Tonks (University of Bristol)

15 December 1999
Interdependencies in Organisation Design: A Test in Hospitals
Margaret Abernethy (University of Melbourne)

10 December 1999
Stock Price Distribution and News: Evidence from Index Options
James Steely (University of Stirling)

19 November 1999
An Empirical Examination of the Impact of Changes in Market Microstructure on the Determinants of Option Bid-Ask Spreads
Sean Pinder (University of Newcastle, Australia)

12 November 1999
Both Sides of Corporate Diversification: The value impacts of geographic and industrial diversification
Joe Weintrop (City University New York)

26 November 1999
The Valuation of Options on Multiple Operation Cash Flows
Antonio Camara (University of Strathclyde)

5 November 1999
The Determinants and Value Relevance of the Choice of Accounting for Research and Development Expenditures in the UK
Dennis Oswald (London Business School)

29 October 1999
Estimating a Risky Term Structure of Brady Bonds
Aneel Keswani (London Business School)

22 October 1999
Earnings Conservatism and Risk Aversion
Martien Lubberink (Maastricht University)