Accounting & Finance undergraduate alumni profiles

Our graduates are recruited by some of the top firms in financial and business services. Find out how an accounting and finance degree from LUMS has helped them in their careers.





Tianyu Fang

BSc Accounting and Finance, 2014

Following graduation from Lancaster, Tianyu continued his education in Accounting and Finance at Warwick University.

Jonathan Manson

EY Degree, 2013

Jonanthan returned to Ernst & Young after completing his degree.

Rebekah Histon

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2013

After graduating, Rebekah did ACA training at Moore & Smalley, but has now returned to LUMS for an MRes.

Jiayi Luo

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2013

After doing volunteering at Lancaster, Jiayi's goal is to work for an NGO after completing her postgraduate study.

Sweta Pant

EY Degree, 2012

Since graduating, Sweta has continued her career with Ernst & Young in London.

Wen Peng

BSc Finance, 2011

Wen made the most of her experience at Lancaster, and is now doing a Masters degree at Oxford University.

Liqiang Xu

BSc Finance, 2011

Liqiang continued his studies by taking an MPhil in Real Estate Finance at Cambridge University after graduating.

Siti Hairi

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2010

Siti returned to Malaysia after graduation and now works for Sime Darby.

Dai Shen

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2010

Dai Shen went on to study for a Masters degree in accounting and finance at the LSE.

Avril Norman

EY Degree, 2010

After her placements with Ernst & Young in London, Avril joined the company to finish her accountancy training.

Lauren Smith

EY Degree, 2010

On graduation, Lauren joined Ernst & Young in Leeds, where she spent her placements.

Emma Woodward

EY Degree, 2010

After graduating Emma joined the entertainment and media audit department of Ernst & Young.