Akshay Ravi

Country of origin: India

Audit Associate, KPMG

I choose LUMS due to it being a top university globally and having students and staff from all over the world.

Working in groups was surely one of the best and most enjoyable parts of the degree programme because the majority of the projects were practical and representative of real-life business problems.

Being a part of the Fylde men's A and the University's Pool Team was great fun. The matches took place each week and they were both social and competitive. Moreover, playing for a Team in the LUSU Football League for three years was great, as it happened that the matches took place every Sunday. Being in England, football was a must! Also, a good learning experience for me was when I was an International Officer for Fylde College.

After my second year, I worked as an Intern in the Acquisition Finance Team of BNP Paribas in their London Headquarters. It was a great learning curve, as I was involved in completing financial models for various multinational companies. Moreover, being a Lancaster University’s student gave me an edge while working with BNP Paribas.

LUMS Careers support services were really useful for me. I attended workshops which were related to CV writing, preparing for interviews and team working. All of these are essential requirements an employer would seek, so they were helpful in giving me a more professional outlook and getting me ready for the job market.

I made the most out of the opportunities provided by the University and enhanced my team-working and leadership skills, which are some of the most important qualities required to enhance employability.

My four years at Lancaster where the most enriching years of my life because they broadened my horizons in terms of studying and understanding different cultures and lifestyles. I also became independent, responsible and accountable in all aspects of my life.

I have secured a job as an Audit Graduate with KPMG in Singapore and my time at Lancaster University was one of the prime reasons I got this job.